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PODCAST: August 24th, 2012: The Road to Dragon*Con Special

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Dragon*Con, Dragon*Con, Dragon*Con!!!

This episode is all about Dragon*Con, THE massive Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comic Book, Horror, Pop-Culture, Film, Television, Music, Art, and everything-else-that's-cool convention that's held in Atlanta, Georgia every Labor Day Weekend (which means it's getting started next week!). They also happen to feature a number of concerts from Darkwave, Industrial, and Goth bands, which is how I was first drawn into the fold back in 2005. 

This episode features sounds and songs entirely related-to and inspired-by guests that will be appearing at the convention, fan panels that will be held at the convention, and bands that will be performing live -- including brand new releases from The Cruxshadows and Ego Likeness.

Currently, I serve as the Assistant Track Director for the Horror & Dark Fantasy Track, so there are many references to the panels, guests, and topics we have in our rooms this year (see our full schedule HERE), but my Dragon*Con coverage is not limited to just what we're doing. My interests are varied (scattered?), and this episode goes all over the map of Geekdom, as one might call it: Horror, Comics, Sci-Fi, Cartoons, Dark & Weird Music, etc.

On the playlist below, you will find not only the list of everything played on this podcast, along with links to each artist featured, but you will also find my notes on where to catch each related guest or performer at the convention (in small print below each name) -- because, well, I'm here to help. Of course, you'll want to check the Official Program Guide to make sure of these times, or install one of their many Smartphone Apps (for Android, iPhone, or Other devices).

If this podcast serves its purpose, it will turn you on to some attractions at Dragon*Con that you might not have considered. Failing that, it should at least get you as excited to hurry up and get there as I am right now. So, grab this episode and listen to it on the ride down, or stream it while you're packing up your costumes, and I'll see you at the Con!

NOTE:  This podcast is independently produced, and not officially endorsed by Dragon*Con. 'Nuff said.

Also: If you're wondering what panels I will be moderating this year, here's the list:

  • Friday 1pm: "An Hour with the Cruxshadows" [Embassy A+B]
  • Friday 7pm: "State of the Goth Scene 2012"  [Embassy A+B]
  • Saturday 1pm: "Meet the Bands: Spooky Music" (w/ Voltaire, Calabrese) [Embassy A+B]
  • Saturday 8:30pm: "Hammer Horror"  [Embassy A+B]
  • Sunday 1pm: "David Lynch: Inside the Black Lodge" [Embassy A+B] *(panelist)
  • Sunday 7pm: "Meet the Bands: Darkwave/Industrial" (w/ Die Sektor, I:Scintilla, Ego Likeness) [Embassy C]

NOTE: The Horror & Dark Fantasy Track panels will be in the same rooms this year, but they have new names. What was called 'Montreal Vancouver' is now Embassy A+B, and 'Cairo' is now Embassy C (both in the Hyatt).

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Format: Artist's Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each artist's name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
"Road to Dragon*Con" Special
  Show date: Friday, August 24th, 2012

Stan Lee - Excelsior! (Shouted at Dragon*Con in 2010 & 2011) *** 
[Fri 05:30 pm (MAIN), Sat 10:00 am (MAIN, Parade), Sun 10:00 am (MAIN)]
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me  ["Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack) 1994]
Alice Cooper & The Muppets - Intro [“The Muppet Show” 1978] ***
[Fri 04:00 pm, Atrium, Marriott, Sun 05:30 pm Peachtree Ballroom, Westin]
Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare [Welcome to My Nightmare, 1975]
Nelson Riddle - To the Batmobile! [“Batman” (Television Soundtrack) 1966]
[Adam West/Burt Ward: Fri 11:30 am (CLSF), Sat 11:30 am (CLSF), Sun 10:00 am (CLSF)]

Harry Robinson – The Resurrection of Mircalla  [“Twins of Evil” (soundtrack) 1971]
[Hammer Horror Fan Panel: Saturday 8:30pm Emb. A+B]
Calabrese - The Dead Don't Rise  [Dayglo Necros, 2012]
[LIVE: Saturday at 11:59pm, Hyatt; Panel: Sat @ 1pm, Emb. A+B, Hyatt]
James Bernard - Dracula [“The Hammer Film Music Collection, Volume One” 2000]
Harry Robinson - Countess Dracula (exc.) [“The Hammer Film Music Collection, Volume One” 2000]
Bear McCreary - Opening Theme [“The Walking Dead”]
[Walking Dead Panels: Fri 5:30 pm (AR), Sat 5:30 pm (AR), Sun 4:00 pm (AR), Mon 11:30 am (AR), Westin]
Calabrese - Saturday Night of the Living Dead  [The Traveling Vampire Show, 2007]
Meat Loaf - Whatever Happened to Saturday Night  [“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (soundtrack), 1975]
[RHPS screening w. Lips Down on Dixie shadowcast: Sat/early Sun. 1:30am, Hyatt]
Robert Cobert - Main Title [“House of Dark Shadows” (soundtrack) 1970]
[Dark Shadows Panel: Sat @ 10pm, Emb A+B]
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies [Billion Dollar Babies, 1973]
Angelo Badalamenti - The Pink Room/Theme from Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me [“Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” (soundtrack) 1992]
[David Lynch Fan Panel: Sunday @ 1pm, Emb A+B]
Rose McGowan - Two Against the World  [“Planet Terror” (soundtrack) 2007]
[Panel: Sat @ 5:30pm, Centennial II & III, Hyatt]
Valentine Wolfe - Imaginary Landscape (exc.) [Five Nocturnes EP, 2009]
[Thu 10:00 pm (LIVE), Sat 05:30 pm (ALT), Sun 05:00 pm (CONC)]
Atlanta Radio Theatre Company - At the Mountains of Madness (exc.) []
[Fri 07:00 pm (MAIN), Sun 07:00 pm (MAIN), Mon 01:00 pm (TOLK)]
This Way to the Egress - On a 45 [This Delicious Cabaret, 2011]
[Live: Friday 11:59pm (Atrium), Concourse: 12:30pm Sunday]
Voltaire - Sexy Data Tango (Live) [Live!, 2006]
[Late Fri/early Sat 01:30 am (LIVE), Sat 01:00 pm (HDF), Sat 05:30 pm (READ), Sat 10:00 pm (CSTM),
Sun 04:00 pm (FILM), Sun 10:00 pm (TREK), Mon 01:00 pm (FILM)]

Alexander Courage - Opening Theme [“Star Trek” Season 2 (soundtrack) 1967]
John Williams - Main Title (exc.) ["Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope" (soundtrack) 1977]
Voltaire - Cantina  [Ooky Spooky, 2007]
The Extraordinary Contraptions – Burn [Inappropriate on Purpose, 2008]
[LIVE: Thursday 11:30pm, Hyatt; CONC: Sun 4pm]
Nathan Barr - House Party / The Tribunal / Sam Visits  [“True Blood” season 1 (score) 2008]
[Panels with Sam (Sam Trammel), Lafayatte (Nelsan Ellis), Alcide (Joe Managniello), and Arlene (Carrie Preston): Fri 02:30 pm (HDF) Sat 11:30 am (HDF) Sun 10:00 am (HDF)]
The Cruxshadows – Burning [As the Dark Against My Halo, 2012]
[LIVE: Sun./early Mon. 1:30am, Hyatt; PANELS: Fri. 1pm (State of the Goth Scene), Fri. 7pm (CXS hour)]
Richard Gibbs – Main Title (UK version) [“Battlestar Galactica” (soundtrack) 2005]
[Fri 11:30 am (AMSF) Sat 04:00 pm (AMSF) Sun 05:30 pm (AMSF) Mon 11:30 am (AMSF)]
Die Sektor - Heaven Sent, Hell Embraced [Applied Structure in a Void, 2011]
[LIVE: Fri/Sat @ 1:30am, Hyatt; PANEL: Sun 7pm (Meet the Bands: Darkwave/Industrial) Emb. A+B]
Mark Snow - Progigno de Axis (exc.) / Materia Primoris (The X-FilesTheme) [“The Truth and the Light: Music from the X-Files” 1996]
[Gillian Anderson: Sat 07:00 pm (X-Track), Sun 01:00 pm (X-Track)]
I:Scintilla - Cursive Eve [Optics, 2007]
[LIVE: Sun 11:59pm, yatt; CONC: Sat 3pm; PANEL: Sun 7pm (Meet the Bands: Darkwave/Industrial) Emb. A+B]
TRAILER: "Tron" (1982) ***
[Bruce Boxleitner: Fri 02:30 pm (CLSF) Sat 01:00 pm (CLSF) Sun 02:30 pm (ALT)]
Ego Likeness – Treacherous Thing [Treacherous Thing (single) 2012]
[LIVE: Sun/Mon 1:30am, Marriott; PANELS: Fri 5:30 pm (Art of Darkness); Fri 7pm (State of the Goth Scene); Fri 8:30pm (Our Monsters, Ourselves); Sun 7pm (Meet the Bands: Darkwave/Industrial) All panels in Emb. A+B)]
Ben Holbrook - Opening Title [“The Call of Cthulhu” (soundtrack) 2005]
[Lovecraft Fan Panels: Metaphysics of Lovecraft 10pm Friday; Lovecraft at the Movies Sat 4pm; Cthulhu: The Cult in Pop Culture Sunday at 8:30pm -- All in Emb. A+B]
TRAILER: “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” (2001) ***
[John Rhys-Davies/Billy Boyd: Fri 11:30 am (TOLK) Sat 1:00 pm (TOLK) Sun 4:00 pm (TOLK)]
TRAILER: “Swamp Thing” (1982) ***
[Bernie Wrightson: Art of Darkness panel - Fri 05:30 pm - Emb. A+B]
Kipp Lennon & Hank Sims – “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” Intro (1979) ***
[25th Century Superstars: Gil Gerard  Sun 2:30 pm; A601–A602, Marriott]
25th Century Superstar: Erin Gray, E. Gray; Fri 1:00 pm; A601–A602, Marriott]

Hoyt Curtin & Stanley Jones – “Challenge of the Superfriends” Intro (1978) ***
[Neal Adams: Comics Artists Alley Booth B20]
Chuck Lorre & Dennis C. Brown - “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Intro ***
[Kevin Eastman: TMNT Panel: Sunday 4pm Dunwoody, Hyatt]
TRAILER: “The Toxic Avenger” (1984) ***
[Lloyd Kaufman: Fri 11:30 pm (FILM) Sat 10:00 pm (FILM) Sun 10:00 am (FILM) Sun 10:00 pm (FILM)]
J.G. Thirlwell - No Vacancy (Venture Bros. Theme) [The Venture Bros.: Music of J.G. Thirlwell, 2009]
[Venture Bros. panel w/ Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick, James Urbaniak - Sunday 2:30 Atrium]
Adam West (as Batman) - “Some days…” ***
Billy West (as Zoidberg & Hubert J. Farnsworth) ***
[Fri 2:30 pm (TOON) Sat 2:30 pm (TOON) Sat 8:30 pm (MAIN) Sun 11:30 am (TOON) Sun 7pm (MAIN)]
Patricia Quinn (as Magenta) – “…We're all lucky!” [“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” 1975] ***
Patricia Quinn: Sun @ 7pm, Brit Track]
Rikki Simons (as Gir) - The Doom Song [“Invader Zim”] ***
[Stars of Invader Zim w/ Rikki Simons & Richard Horvitz: Fri 4:00 pm; Reg. VI–VII [HYT]
Nelson Riddle - Chamber / Credulous Creatures / Fine Finkish Friends ["Batman: The Movie" (score) 1966]
Joe Harnell – The Lonely Man Theme [“The Incredible Hulk” 1978]
[Lou Ferrigno: Parade Saturday at 10am]
Stan Lee - “Spider-Man 3” cameo, 2007 ***

*** = Dialogue sample, not taken from a standard release
(exc.) = excerpt

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cult Fiction Underground w/ DJ Ichabod: What's Next and What to Expect on August 25th

Coming up this Saturday night (August 25th), for those in the Nashville area, is the third installment of "Cult Fiction Underground with DJ Ichabod." It's a new monthly event that pairs cult films -- from the world of atmospheric horror and exploitation -- with cult music, in the form of goth, deathrock, post-punk, darkwave, and horror soundtracks.

So, for those that love the first hour of "Out ov the Coffin," it's as though I'm broadcasting it live from a dark, '70s underground bar, after we've all just watched a cult horror movie in the adjoining theatre. Sounds like your style? Here's the flyer & a link to the Facebook event page, so you can join the cult, too:

[Facebook Event Page: ]

This month's event will start with Jess (Jesus) Franco's most celebrated film, "Vampyros Lesbos," a 1971 journey into atmospheric 'vampsloitation,' featuring a soundtrack that took on a life of its own. Here's the trailer [in German & Not safe for work!], to put you in the mood:

To keep things going as soon as the credits roll, you'll be treated to a mix of dark music & horror soundtrack clips, while you hang out with the other like-minded cult fiction fans and have a beer or five. To give you an idea of precisely what type of music will be played, here's what was played last month.

See you in the Undergound!
- Ichabod


[The July 28th flyer]

Cult Fiction Underground w/ DJ Ichabod

at Logue's Black Raven Emporium:  

July 28th, 2012

Film of the week:
"The Grapes of Death" (1978)

Pins and Needles - Specimen
Entertainment - China Walls
Artica - Plastic Terror
Bloody Dead and Sexy - Liquid Grey
Goblin - Waiting Death  ["Tenebrae"]
Black Ice - Sooner or Later
Angels of Liberty - Monster In Me
The Gaa Gaa's - Hypnoti(z)ed (Alt. version)
Bauhaus - The Man with X-ray Eyes
Chuck Cirino - Protectors Going Online  ["Chopping Mall"]
The Vanishing - Lost In Pictures
Corpus Delicti - Absent Friend
Calabrese - History of Nothing
Samhain - All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
Subtonix - Black Nails In My Coffin
Fran├žois De Roubaix - End Credits ["Daughters of Darkness"]
And Also the Trees - So This Is Silence
Killing Joke - The Wait
The Empire Hideous - Talk Is Cheap
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Main Theme ["Halloween III: Season of the Witch"]
The Cure - One Hundred Years
Screaming Dead  - Paint It Black
Bella Morte - Where Shadows Lie
Manuel de Sica - The Run of the Deathbyke  ["Dellamorte Dellamore"]
1919 - After the Fall  ^RQ^
SWANS - New Mind
Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave - Main Theme ["Phantasm"]
Voltaire - Happy Birthday My Olde Friend  ^RQ^
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Do You Love Me?  ^RQ^
Coil - Slur
ROME - Sons of Aeeth
Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat - Ruins
James Bernard - Dracula and Alice ["Taste the Blood of Dracula"]
Anima Morte - Funeral March
T.S.O.L. - Code Blue
Paul Lemel - Dramaturgy  ["Dawn of the Dead"]
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
Glenn Danzig - Shifter
Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust
Corpus Delicti - Suffragette City
Asylum Party - Pure Joy In My Heart
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Talk About the Weather

Playlist Format: Artist - song title ["Movie Title" (if applicable)]
^RQ^ = requested

Friday, August 10, 2012

PODCAST: August 10th, 2012

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This episode begins with new music from Brooklyn, New York's Light Asylum, whose full length debut Light Asylum proves to be another great showcase for singer Shannon Funchess' ever-impressive, deep, powerful, dramatic -- and even operatic -- voice, which takes their '80s-steeped electro/darkwave music into many new dark and danceable arenas.

Speaking of singing to impress: Amidst news of vocalist Jaz Coleman's apparent and confusing disappearance this week, you'll hear music from Killing Joke's new album, MMXII. It's another solid release, loaded with their signature atmosphere, biting lyrical content, and, of course, Jaz's soaring -- and sometimes absolutely serrated -- voice.

Earlier this week, Germany's afmusic offered up a free, 63-track retrospective of the many genres of music they've been releasing up to this point, offering fans of goth, darkwave, post-punk, and many other styles a whole lot of sounds to check out. Three selections are featured on this episode (from Amada, The Foreign Resort, and M!R!M), but you can grab the whole collection right here.

Also featured on this episode: New mid-paced doom/dark metal from Italy's The Foreshadowing, who return this month with a new album entitled Second World; fresh experimentation from Chicago's Locrian, who also return with a new release this month, entitled The Clearing & Final Epoch; and even some newly released live material from Loss, recorded at March's Scion A/V showcase for Profound Lore Records. That whole live compilation (also featuring Pallbearer, Wolvhammer, The Atlas Moth, and Yob) can be downloaded for Free right here.

All of that, plus: New horror-inspired alternate soundtrack music from France's Neon Rain (who seem to have some interesting mixtapes available); a whole set of new and classic material for the goth-punks among us; another musical trip to Nolan's Batcave; and more -- for a total of two and a half hours of current and classic dark music.

Ready to hear the show? Here's how:

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
Show date: Friday, August 10th, 2012

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

Light Asylum - Shallow Tears  [Light Asylum, 2012]
Benjamin Stauffer - Imaginosis  ["A Cage Went in Search of a Bird" 2000]
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Cascade  [A Kiss in the Dreamhouse, 1982]
Solemn Novena - Trick or Treat  [Kiss the Girls, 2010]
Nosferatu - Diva (Scarlet Mix)  [Legend, 1993]
Amada - Nuovi Re  [Nuovi Re, 2009]
Vendemmian - Masquerade  [Through the Depths of Innocence, 1994]
The Foreign Resort - Orange Glow (edit)  [The Foreign Resort, 2011]
Neon Rain - The Hunters & The Preys  […Of the Dead, 2012]
Christ vs Warhol - Robin Hood In Reverse  [Dissent, 2010]
Eat Your Make Up - I Was the Murderer  [First Dinner, 2005]
M!R!M - Deep Throat  [It's Not Enough Anymore, 2011]
Cinema Strange - Anti-Good (2004)  [10th Anniversary Novelty Product, 2004]
1919 - The Scream  [The Complete Collection, 2001] (orig: 1983's 'Machine' EP)
Killing Joke - Primobile  [MMXII, 2012]
Hans Zimmer - Risen From Darkness  ["The Dark Knight Rises" (soundtrack), 2012]
Nitzer Ebb - I Give To You  [Ebbhead, 1991]
Godkomplex - All or Nothing  [Audial Apostasy, 2006]
Velvet Acid Christ - Blood  [Lust for Blood, 2006]
Cyanotic - Static Screens (In Syndication)  [The Medication Generation, 2010]
Haujobb - Lost  [New World March, 2011]
Coph'Antae Tryr - Wyrvart  ["Saur Maas" (comp.) 2011]
The Foreshadowing - Second World  [Second World, 2012]
Anima Morte - Twilight of the Dead  [Face the Sea of Darkness, 2007]
Ancient Wisdom - The Serpent's Blessing  […And the Physical Shape of Light Bled, 2002]
Kampfar - Mare  [Mare, 2011]
Loss - Cut Up, Depressed and Alone (live)  ["Scion A/V Presents: Profound Lore Records," 2012]
Funerary Call - Transference from the Void  ["Crucial Blast: Heresies" (comp.) 2012]
Locrian - Chalk Point  [The Clearing & Final Epoch, 2012]

[N] = Nashville artist
(exc.) = excerpt

^RQ^ = requested

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