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PODCAST: August 2016

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The Xymox Fest 2016 / Dragon Con 2016 Special Edition!

This episode has not one, but two themes -- although most people would not immediately notice that without such a declaration, which helps it work on a third level. The first of those themes is a focus on this week's mini-tour from Clan of Xymox, who will be playing a very limited string of dates in Portland (twice!), then Oakland and Los Angeles. I'll be attending the Portland shows, so this episode starts with a spotlight on the line-up for those dates (August 25th and 26th), which have turned into a who's-who of current post-punk and darkwave bands that I like to call Xymox Fest 2016

The show opens with a then-and-now segment from festival headliners, stars, and goth/darwave icons, Clan of Xymox. We start with a track from their classic Medusa album, which turns a ripe 30 years old later this year, then slide gracefully into something from their latest full-length, 2014's Matters of Mind, Body and Soul. The first two talk breaks feature instrumental tracks from Medusa as well, because I can never resist sticking to a theme.

The first full set spotlights the line-up for the August 25th show at the Star Theatre in Portland, beginning with new music from Spain's Belgrado, taken from their Obraz LP, then sliding into some recent music from excellent band and event-organizers themselves, Soft Kill. New music from Arizona's Body of Light comes up next, taken from their widely-loved new album Let Me Go. An recent track from Chicago's Cemetery leads us into more brand new material, this time from Denver's Tollund Men, whose low-fi tape-hiss darkwave has won over many people on their new Autoerotik album. The set wraps up with a track from Utopia, the latest from Vancouver's Spectres, who will also be rounding out the bill on Thursday night. 

The second set focuses on Friday's line-up, beginning with another new track from San Francisco's All Your Sisters, before hitting you with a crowd favorite from the first of five bands from the post-punk-rich waters of Portland itself, The Bellicose Minds. A brand new one from Arctic Flowers comes next, the other half of their split with Infinite Void that you heard on the last episode. Relative newcomers Vice Device make their late 'Coffin debut next, followed by show openers Spirit Host, who give you the b-side of their new single, Full Dark, No Stars / En Masse. Finally, the set concludes with the band who will headline the pre-fest concert on Wednesday night, Warm Hands, a minimal post-punk/darkwave band featuring members of Soft Kill. 

Naturally, with all of the focus on Portland, my mind wandered to other acts from the area that are not part of this fest, but whom I would still love to see. Hence, the third set starts with some heavier material from Atriarch, followed by a curveball from the project known as Curezum -- yes, you guessed it, they play Cure songs in the style of Burzum. Recent gems from Deathcharge, Shadowhouse, and Lunch round out this northwest-centric set.

And now... DRAGON CON 2016! Typically, at this time of year, I would roll out my Road to Dragon Con Special, to get everyone ready for the massive nerd-takeover of Atlanta across Labor Day weekend, but since the schedule for convention this year had not "dropped" at press time, I chose to make the latter part of this episode into a special set that highlights many of the bands, guests, panels, and film/television properties that will be celebrated at Dragon Con 2016 -- especially on the Horror Track, where many of you will see me working this year.

Included in this DC2016 set is recent music from fan-favorites and Con-fixtures 
Aurelio Voltaire and The Cruxshadows, as well as a brand new track from Unwoman, who puts her own stamp on The Sisters of Mercy classic "More," on her new Uncovered Volume 3 album. All of these songs are, of course, sandwiched in between themes and sounds from shows like Penny Dreadful, Dark Matter, The Venture Bros., Gotham, Bates Motel, and Sleepy Hollow, as well as film series ranging from Harry Potter to Hammer Horror. Sadly, I can't give you a more in-depth look at this year;'s convention offerings, but keep your eyes peeled here for the full Horror Track schedule, and here for news of the full convention schedule. I would also recommend getting the 2016 App. Otherwise, may I see some of you at the convention, or in Portland, and I will return with tales for next month's episode. 

All of that, PLUS: A brand new closing song from Bella Morte that combines my love for '80s cartoons and hair metal; Some obscure '70s Japanese ethereal animation music; and more! 

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
  Show recorded on: August 23rd, 2016

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

Clan of Xymox - Back Door  [Medusa, 1986]
Clan of Xymox - Love's on Diet  [Matters of Mind, Body and Soul, 2014]
Clan of Xymox - Theme I  [Medusa, 1986]
Belgrado - Dalej  [Obraz, 2016]
Soft Kill - Current  [Heresy, 2015]
Body of Light - Moving Slowly  [Let Me Go, 2016]
Cemetery - XVVX  [Wind and Shadows, 2015]
Tollund Men - Mausoleum of Desire  [Autoerotik, 2016]
Spectres - 16 Years  [Utopia, 2016]
Clan of Xymox - Lorrentine  [Medusa, 1986]
All Your Sisters - Reconcile  [Uncomfortable Skin, 2016]
The Bellicose Minds - Call to Graves  [The Spine, 2013] 
Arctic Flowers - The Fool  [Infinite Void/Arctic Flowers (split), 2016]
Vice Device - Even Blind  [Vice Device/Void Vision (split), 2013]
Spirit Host - En Masse  [Full Dark, No Stars / En Masse, 2016]
Warm Hands - What You Said  [Blurred EP, 2014]
Masahiko Sato - Andy Warhol  ["Belladonna of Sadness" (soundtrack) 1975]
Atriarch - Oblivion  [Atriarch/Alaric (split) 2012]
Curezum - One Hundred Years  [One Hundred Years/The Top, 2015]
Deathcharge - To An Early Death  [Bad Dream Forever, 2013]
Shadowhouse - We Don't Belong  [Hand in Hand, 2014]
Lunch - Not An Ocean  [Let Us Have Madness Openly, 2015]
Brian Reitzell - And the Woman Clothed in the Sun… Pt. 4 ["Hannibal" Season 3, Part 2 soundtrack) 2015]
Abel Korzeniowski - Demimonde (Main Title)  ["Penny Dreadful" (soundtrack) 2014]
Unwoman - More  [Uncovered Volume 3, 2016]
Brian Tyler - Main Title  ["Sleepy Hollow" (soundtrack) 2013]
William Shatner - Rocket Man (live @ The Science Fiction Film Awards) [1978]
[SAMPLE] "Bates Motel" opening
Aurelio Voltaire - The Masquerade (w/ Donna Lynch)  [Raised By Bats, 2015]
Graeme Revell - Closing Theme  ["Gotham" (soundtrack) 2014]
The Cruxshadows - Sentinel [As the Dark Against My Halo, 2012]
Alexandre Desplat - Snape to Malfoy Manor  ["Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Part I" (soundtrack) 2010]
[SAMPLE] "Dark Matter" intro/closing credits
[SAMPLE] "The Venture Bros." Post Modern Art Villains segment
Ghoultown - Skeleton Cowboys  [Skeleton Cowboys, 2008]
John Cacavas - Main Title/Wild Organ  ["The Satanic Rites of Dracula" (soundtrack) 1973]
Bella Morte - Hunger  ["Respect the Prime: 1986 Revisited" ("The Transformers: The Movie" tribute comp.) 2016]


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