Wednesday, June 22, 2016

PODCAST: June 2016 Episode

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This episode of "Out ov the Coffin" begins with live and rare music from the greatest band ever, The Cure, in honor of their current tour, on which it is reported that they've been pulling out many rarities. I'll be catching them in Atlanta this weekend, myself, but you can see if they're about to hit your neck of the woods here.

The first set begins with Cure-frontman Robert Smith doing a home-recorded cover of a song by current tourmates The Twilight Sad (whom you will hear from later in the show). Sweden's Anton de Neige (of Sanne de Neige) then steps in, rather subtly, with an untitled track from his new untitled 2016 solo album. Litovsk, one of several new French acts this month, arrives next, with some fresh post-punk from their new self-titled LP. After a darkwave classic from Suspiria, we finish the set with a pair of new traditional goth rock tracks: First, from Terminal Gods' long-awaited first full length album, Wave / Form, then a deeper cut from Norwegian super-group Long Night's new Sorrow Returns EP. 

The second set leans heavily into various shades of punk, kicking things off with Air Hunger, a new anarcho/deathrock collaboration between members of several North American and European acts (such as Cemetery and the Flatfield). Atlanta deathrockers Maudlin then make their 'Coffin debut with a cut from their new self-titled demo, which leads us to a double-shot of Nashville post-punk acts, new and old. The new face is Brothers, who jump in with a self-titled song from their forthcoming self-titled release on Tapes of a Neon God (pre-order it here). We then look back at some cult, late '80s Nashville psyche-deathrock, in the form of The Grinning Plowman.

We then jump over to Europe, with new music from the UK's Sievehead, whose new 7" Buried Beneath probably lands in the "regular" punk zone, but it feels right here as well. Rounding out the set is a new French band, Rendez-Vous, who caught my attention and locked their hooks in my ears within minutes. Their new album Distance manages to combine goth rock, post-punk, punk, darkwave, and even EBM characteristics into one very catchy package. 

The third set focuses on current tours, beginning with tracks from Soft Kill & Underpass, whose ongoing joint tour will arrive at the East Room in Nashville tomorrow night, along with Cincinnati's Skeleton Hands, who are joining certain dates of that tour. Scotland's The Twilight Sad, who are currently on the road with The Cure, come next, followed by the master of horror himself, John Carpenter, with a taste of his new Lost Themes II LP. If you are extremely lucky, you can catch one of his limited live performances soon.

The dark metal set begins by delving a bit deeper into Carma's latest self-titled LP, then dropping everybody on their heads with the low-end rumble of a track from The Curling Flame of Blasphemy, the new album from notorious US black metal outfit, Profanatica. Austria's Alastor then make their debut from their latest album, Waldmark, before the set ends with a mid-'90s forgotten black metal classic from Swordmaster

Speaking of the unlit mid-'90s, the final talk break is marked by the presence of cult French black-ambient project, Moëvöt, who provide just the right '70s Euro-horror vibe every time. In closing, you'll hear (the better part of) a lengthy new dark psychedelic track from The Legendary Pink Dots, which also serves as the closing piece of their new album, Pages of Aquarius.

All of that, PLUS: A deeper cut  from Xiu Xiu's new Twin Peaks tribute album; A visit to the obscure '80s televised-horror vault -- or shall I say "tomb?"; and more! 

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
  Show recorded on: June 22nd, 2016

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

The Cure - Sinking (live)  [In Orange, 1985]
The Cure - Uyea Sound  [Lost Wishes, 1993]
Robert Smith - There's a Girl in the Corner  [It was Never the Same/There's a Girl in the Corner, 2015] 
Anton de Neige - IV  [Untitled Album, 2016]
Litovsk - Meaning Nothing  [Litovsk, 2016]
Suspiria - The Far Heavens  [Drama, 1997]
Terminal Gods - Shockwave  [Wave / Form, 2016]
Long Night - Sorrow Returns  [Sorrow Returns, 2016]
Simon Boswell - Theme I  ["Graveyard Disturbance" (soundtrack) 1987]
Air Hunger - Raise the Flag and Look to the Skies  [Air Hunger, 2016]
Maudlin - Keeping Still  [Maudlin, 2016]
Brothers - Brothers  [Brothers, 2016] [N]
The Grinning Plowman - Cripple  [Days of Deformity, 1988] [N]
Sievehead - Buried Beneath  [Buried Beneath, 2016]
Rendez-Vous - Workout  [Distance, 2016]
Xiu Xiu - Nightsea Wind  [Plays the Music of TwinPeaks, 2016]
Soft Kill - Hit the Floor  [Heresy, 2015]
Underpass - Side  [Assimilation, 2014]
Skeleton Hands - Ravage  [Gone, 2013]
The Twilight Sad - Another Bed  [No One Can Ever Know, 2012]
John Carpenter - Angel's Asylum  [Lost Themes II, 2016]
John Carpenter - Last Sunrise  [Lost Themes II, 2016]
Carma - Lamento  [Carma, 2015]
Profanatica - Magic & Muhr  [The Curling Flame of Blasphemy, 2016]
Alastor - Waldmark  [Waldmark, 2016]
Swordmaster - Upon Blood and Ashes [Wraths of Time, 1995]
Moëvöt - Brumes [Ézleyfbdrèb Vèpréu Zuèrkl Mazagvatre Èrbsèdréa, 1994]
The Legendary Pink Dots - The Weight of Water, Parts 2-4  [Pages of Aquarius, 2016]

(exc.) - excerpt of the full song

[N] = Nashville artist


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