About the Show

History & Format:

"Out ov the Coffin" is a specialty dark-music radio program, hosted by DJ Ichabod, designed to celebrate dark and interesting styles of music, from the goth perspective. Brand new entries are featured each episode, alongside older favorites and cult classics. Oft-featured sub-genres include: Goth, Gothic rock, deathrock, post-punk, darkwave, ebm, industrial, damnbient / dark ambient, dark metal, neoclassical, ethereal works, film scores, and theatrical experimentation.

The show first aired in 1998. The tag-line "...radio for the dead" was added in the mid-2000's.

This Blogspot page was started in late February, 2011. Prior to that, all playlists were posted to the myspace page, which still holds years of archived playlist information (although filled with broken links and probably contaminated with radiation by this point). There is also an "Out ov the Coffin" Facebook page, for those who would like more detailed and frequent posts about the show and related topics.

How & when to listen:

Once upon a time, "Out ov the Coffin" was broadcast weekly on WRVU Nashvile, but since the sale of their frequency to WFCL in June of 2011, "Out ov the Coffin" has been independently produced and made available as a podcast on this Blogspot site. New episodes are posted here every other week. On June 14th, 2012, a Mixcloud site was started, to allow online streaming of each new episode.