Friday, May 27, 2011

PLAYLIST & PODCAST: Thursday, May 26th, 2011

This week's episode brought us new music from one of the forefathers himself, Peter Murphy, whose new album, "Ninth," will see release on June 7th in the US. For those in Nashville, there will be a CD Release Party for that at the +SALVATION+ Goth Prom this Sunday night. CD and Poster giveaways will happen, and Ichabod will be one of the DJs for the night.

Also new this week was the music of Portland's Disemballerina, who have a curious name, for sure, but also a very interesting sound that mixes gothic chamber music with acoustic guitar work that reveals a metal background. They've generated quite a buzz recently.

Reaching further into the indie music world's recent tendency towards darker, more goth-friendly music, Austra gave us their new single, "Beat and the Pulse." It's also been talked about quite a bit in recent months, with it's very electronic roots, topped with darker, more ethereal, female vocals.

Australia's Moon debuted this week as well, with a taste of their brand of cold, slow-moving black metal. The show closed with a spotlight on the experimental doombience of Wolvserpent, who make their way to Nashville tonight, at Little Hamilton.

Otherwise, here's the podcast version of this week's episode:

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...And here's what was played...
(each artist's name below is a link):

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
Air date: Thursday, May 26th, 2011 

Opening Theme: Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack)]

Disemballerina - Thieves' Oil
Cyril Ornadel - (untitled) [from "The Flesh and Blood Show" (soundtrack)]
Cocteau Twins - Otterley
Dr. Kevorkian & the Suicide Machine - Gotham
Unto Ashes - Tortured By Rose Thorns
Peter Murphy - The Prince & Old Lady Shade
A Murder of Angels - To Find the Lost Peace
Remain In Silence - Lonesome Hours
Killing Joke - The Wait
Tragic Black - Faith In Decay
The Frozen Autumn - Dusk Is Like A Dagger
Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter - The Sunrise [from "The Last Man on Earth" (soundtrack)]
Austra - Beat and the Pulse (Extended Version)
Dave Gahan - Saw Something
Untoten - Herz der Finsternis
The Awakening - Nothing Like the Rain
Band of Pain - Sacred Flesh [from "Sacred Flesh" (soundtrack)]
Mesh - Self Healing Lie
Clan of Xymox - There's No Tomorrow
PTI - Icons
Halo Skycrash - Mortal Forecast [from "A Cage Went In A Search Of Bird"]
Jonny Greenwood - Open Spaces [from "There Will Be Blood" (soundtrack)]
Moon - Monastery
My Dying Bride - My Body, A Funeral
Mirror of Deception - Ship of Fools
Wormtongue - Year of the Cicada
Electric Wizard - Raptus
Wolvserpent - Serpent (exc.)

^RQ^ = requested
(exc.) = excerpt
[N] = Nashville artist
[from ____ ] = title of soundtrack or compilation


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