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PODCAST: September 7th, 2012 [Compilation for the Dead 2012]

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The last episode was all about Dragon*Con, which no doubt left more than a few people feeling a bit left out. So, in lieu of a traditional episode upon my return, I thought I would offer people a chance to hear what they might have missed.

Every year since 2007, I've hand-crafted a limited batch of compilations to give away at the convention, partly to give people a taste of what "Out ov the Coffin" is like -- and, most importantly, to fly the flag for current goth & dark music that people may not be hearing. It's gotten more and more popular each year, which resulted in all available copies being snapped up before the Con was even through its second day.

So, for those that couldn't attend the con -- or for those who just didn't get a copy while supplies lasted -- this podcast encapsulates the contents of the Out ov the Coffin "Compilation for the Dead 2012." It evens features two bands never heard on the show before: Finland's Beastmilk, who turn in a Jim Morrison-soaked take on the heavier end of post-punk, and Portland Oregon's Atriarch, who offer a vital link between classic deathrock and current metal. Plus: Brand new material from Worm Ouroboros, taken from their new release, "Come the Thaw."

For those who just found out about this podcast at Dragon*Con this year, I welcome you aboard. The next brand new episode will launch on Friday, September 21st, featuring loads of new music that I've gathered in my recent travels. In the meantime, if you're new to this show, I encourage you to check out some of the previous episodes (here), and to follow the show on Facebook.

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Format: Artist's Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each artist's name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
  Show date: Friday, September 7th, 2012

Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me/Lestat's Recitative  ["Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack) 1994]

The "Out ov the Coffin" Compilation for the Dead, 2012:

1.   Marco Beltrami:  The Door Opens  ["The Woman in Black" (soundtrack) 2012]
2.   Nosferatu:  Silver  [Wonderland, 2010]
3.   Angels of Liberty:  Monster In Me  [Monster In Me, 2011]
4.   Terminal Gods:  Electric Eyes  [Electric Eyes, 2012]
5.   Deathcamp Project:  Too Late  [Painthings, 2011]
6.   E.V.P.:   Sky Ritual (edit)  ["Saur Maas" (compilation) 2011]
7.   Black Ice:  Divination  [Before the First Light, 2010]
8.   The Dead Souls:  Hollow Days  [Ambition, 2011]
9.   Beastmilk:  Void Mother  [Use Your Deluge, 2012]
10.  Hyena Motorcade:  Snowflakes  [demo, 2010]
11.  AlterRed:  Dollstown  [Dollstown, 2012]
12.  IAMX:  Music People  [Volatile Times, 2011]
13.  Night Vision:  Betrayal  [Night Vision, 2012]
14.  Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat:  Define Pi  [Weltuntergangsstimmung, 2012]
15.  Cold Flesh Colony:  The Dark Passenger  [The Dark Passenger, 2012]
16.  Atriarch:  Oblivion  [Atriarch/Alaric (split) 2012]
17.  Elliot Goldenthal: Alchemical Lightshow ["The Tempest" (soundtrack) 2010]  
18.  Worm Ouroboros:  Withered  [Come the Thaw, 2012]

Elliot Goldenthal - Born to Darkness, Part 2  ["Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack) 1994]

*** = Dialogue sample, not taken from a standard release
(exc.) = excerpt

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