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PODCAST: July 2014 Episode

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This episode begins with a taste of the new album from Disemballerina, one of Portland's finest musical curiosities, who apply a bleak metal approach to the instrumentation of chamber music. Currently only available in its digital form, the deluxe vinyl edition of Undertaker is coming soon on Graceless Recordings.

In mid-June, the world of abstract cinema and jazz-noir lost the voice behind one of the most haunting moments in television history, Jimmy Scott (July 17, 1925 – June 12, 2014). Scott's collaboration with Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch on the song "Sycamore Trees" set an everlasting mood for Twin Peaks' Black Lodge and beyond, so you will find it at the beginning of the first full set, along with a heap of respect.

The new material continues with a deeper cut from the new Peter Murphy album, Lion. At the risk of overselling it, everybody should check out Murphy's collaboration with Youth (Killing Joke) on this set of songs. It represents a new side of his already impressive body of work.

Getting into the deathrock portion of the show, you'll hear more new music from Philadelphia's Theurgist, who have released a proper EP now, in the form of All of Them Lowly Creatures. You can find it here, and if you want to grab one of the shirts I mention on the show, they've just released those here.

In the post-punk realm, you'll hear another selection from the new Vaniish album, Memory Work, followed by the (late) debut of some fresh darkwave/dark-electro music from Vancouver's //zoo, taken from their recent 12" split with Petra Schelm. After that, new music out of Finland from the band the Flatfield, as a preview of their just-released album, Passionless.

In the experimental industrial realm, you'll hear a cut from the latest four-way cassette from Tapes of a Neon God. In this case, you'll get a taste of Void En Vogue's track from their split with Chruchdweller, Hadals, and Winter Ritual.

Finally, in the dark metal portion of the show, two new releases are featured as part of a tour spotlight. First, the debut of Alraune's The Process of Self-Immolation, a punishing lesson in black metal for an often stagnant scene. The CD version has just been released on Profound Lore, while the vinyl is coming out via Gilead Media. Tucked behind that is the latest single from Loss, taken from the new split with Hooded Menace, entitled A View from the Rope. The first run of the 12" is currently sold out, but a new pressing is on the way from Doomentia Records.

Loss and Alraune will perform together in Nashville on July 7th, when they cross paths with the current Ash Borer / Hell tour. From there, Alraune will begin their own tour, playing across the US, until all four bands converge again for this year's Gilead Media Music Fest in Osh Kosh Wisconsin -- hence a set featuring all four bands on this episode.

All of that, plus: A closing track from the new Mournful Congregation EP, Concresence of the Sophia; The late debut of Australia's Nervous Trend, whose excellent 2103 demo can be grabbed here; More convention and tour news; Selections from the deathrock vaults; and much more...

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
Show recorded on: July 3rd, 2014

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

Disemballerina - Deserter  [Undertaker, 2014]
Steven Hufsteter - Kiss of the Damned Love Theme ["Kiss of the Damned" (soundtrack) 2013]
Jimmy Scott - Sycamore Trees  ["Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" (soundtrack) 1992]
Dead Can Dance - The Host of Seraphim  [The Serpent's Egg, 1988]
Peter Murphy - Loctaine  [Lion, 2014]
Nosferatu - Entwined  [Wonderland, 2011]
Weep - Drift Towards Home  [Alate, 2012]
Swans - God Loves America  [Love of Life, 1992]
Shirley Walker - Phantasm's Graveyard Murder (exc.)  ["Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" (soundtrack) 1993]
Theurgist - Fair Weather Fiends  [All of Them Lowly Creatures, 2014]
Veda - Whiplash  [Whiplash, 1987]
Broken Faith - In Sanctum  ["New Reaction" (comp.) 1988]
Cemetery - State Ward  [Collection, 2014]
Nervous Trend - Written Record  [Demo 2013]
Cross Stitched Eyes - Existence  [Decomposition, 2012]
Void En Vogue - Mean Girls  [Churchdweller/Hadals/Void En Vogue/Winter Ritual (split) 2014]
Vaniish - Fragment/Fatigue  [Memory Work, 2014]
Youth Code - Carried Mask  [Youth Code, 2013]
//zoo - Softcore  [//zoo + Petra Schelm (split) 2013]
The Flatfield - The Witch  [Passionless, 2014]
Abysmal Grief - Crepusculum  [Feretri, 2013] 
Alraune - The Process of Self-Immolation  [The Process of Self-Immolation, 2014]
Loss - Depression's Hammer  ["A View from the Rope" (split w/ Hooded Menace) 2014]
Hell - Mourn  [Trilogy, 2014]
Ash Borer - Purgation  [Bloodlands, 2013]
Wolvserpent - Threshold: Gateway  [Perigaea Antahkarana, 2013]
Mournful Congregation - Silence of the Passed  [Concresence of the Sophia, 2014]

(exc.) = excerpt of a longer piece
[N] = Nashville artist


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