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PODCAST: September 2014 Episode

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The September 2014 Episode of "Out ov the Coffin" kicks off with new a song from Italy's The Spiritual Bat, who are currently in the midst of a US tour in support of their latest album, Mosaic. Not many traditional European goth/deathrock bands tour the US these days, so check out their remaining tour dates here.

From there, we launch into a pair of new songs from the land of eccentric deathrock: First, the b-side of the new 7-inch from The Deadfly Ensemble, Poison! Poison! Poison!, followed closely by vocalist Lucas Lanthier's alternate, stripped-down take on the classic he once wailed with Cinema Strange, "En Hiver," taken from his new release, The Brown Butterfly of Discontent. Both are available on their Bandcamp site, along with other new treats.

Continuing with what seems like the month for digital singles to be featured, California's Christ vs Warhol have returned with two new songs that serve as a preview of their forthcoming second album. You'll hear the new track "Into a New Ice Age," followed closely by another new digital single, "Thoughtless," from The Last Dance, whose recent string of singles will also lead to a new album release in the near future.

Then, we go a track deeper into the new album from Aurelio Voltaire (yes, that Voltaire!). Raised by Bats is his first foray into traditional deathrock and goth rock, and it is absolutely loaded with special guest musicians, including members of The Sisters of Mercy/The Mission UK, Ego Likeness, My Chemical Romance, Rasputina, The Dresden Dolls, and more. At Dragon Con recently, Voltaire responded to rumors that he might take a live band comprised of such people on the road, and he says the chances actually aren't that bad. Keep those fingers crossed!

Our second quality Italian act of the show, Horror Vacui, have also issued a Bandcamp teaser track -- entitled "5000" -- as a preview of what is to come from their next album, Return of the Empire, which will be released, along with a special limited 7" single, on their upcoming US tour this fall. Oh, how I wish I could get to one of those dates!

Next up is the 'Coffin debut of Former Humans, a California-based post-punk/deathrock act that features members of Bloodpenny and Hyena Motorcade, followed later in the set by two modern post-punk acts making their late debut on this show: Holograms from Sweden and The New Flesh from Oakland, California -- both with tracks from 2013 releases that I've finally gotten my hands on. Rounding out the set is the razor-voiced sound of Boston goth-punks Stranger, with a new song from their 2014 demo.

In the electronic realm, we'll examine two new releases from the burgeoning Charlottesville, Virginia scene, both related (in this case) to hometown heroes, Bella Morte. First up is a selection from the new EP from The Rain Within, the neo-darkwave/electro project of Bella Morte vocalist Andy Deane. We'll also check out a second new song from Gild the Mourn. The new band, comprised of (Bella Morte founding bassist) Gopal Metro & Angel Metro, create modern darkwave, based on timeless stories, inspired by ancient lore.

Finally, in the dark metal portion of the show, you'll hear a track from the long-awaited second album from Arkansas' Pallbearer. Foundations of Burden has just been issued on Profound Lore Records, and it continues to prove the band's ability to produce heart-wrenching, spirited doom anthems. For those in search of fresh black metal, you'll hear debuts from Sweden's Mortuus and Ukraine's Stryvigor, followed by brand new music from New Zealand's own "Apocalyptic Devil Rock" band, The House of Capricorn.

All of that, plus:  Another taste of the new Disemballerina album, Undertaker; a taste of the forthcoming Mentallo & the Fixer box set, Zothera; Atmosphere from the Guardians of the Galaxy score by Tyler Bates;  Selections from the local, dark metal, and post-punk vaults; and much more...

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
Show recorded on: September 12th, 2014

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

The Spiritual Bat - Hypnotic  [Mosaic, 2014]
The Legendary Pink Dots - Ballerina on a Rice Paper Leaf  [The Curse of Marie Antoinette, 2013]
The Deadfly Ensemble - A Thrilling Tale of Childhood  [Poison! Poison! Poison! (single) 2014]
Lucas Lanthier - En Hiver  [The Brown Butterfly of Discontent, 2014]
Bauhaus - Nerves  [In the Flat Field, 1980]
Christ vs Warhol - Into a New Ice Age  [single, 2014]
The Last Dance - Thoughtless  [single, 2014]
Aurelio Voltaire - Sacrifice  [Raised By Bats, 2014]
Angelo Badalamenti - Chess & Message from Windom  ["Twin Peaks" (unreleased soundtrack) 1991]
Horror Vacui - 5000  [single, 2014]
Former Humans - Bolted Down  [demo 2014]
Spider Virus - Wise Guys  [Spider Virus/Tweezer (split) 1995]
Holograms - Meditations  [Forever, 2013]
The New Flesh - Tainted Eyes  [Reality, 2013]
Stranger - Martyr  [demo 2014]
Alessandro Parisi - Athanor  [La Porta Ermetica, 2013]
The Rain Within - Beating Hearts  [The Rain Within EP, 2014]
:Wumpscut: - Slave to Evil  [Embryodead, 1997]
Velvet Acid Christ - Christ Whore  [Maldire, 2012]
Mentallo & the Fixer - When Worlds Collide (wicked radio edit) [Zothera, 2014]
Gild the Mourn - Summer's Breath  [demo 2014]
Tyler Bates - Morag  ["Guardians of the Galaxy" (soundtrack) 2014]
Pallbearer - Worlds Apart  [Foundations of Burden, 2014]
Mortuus - Sulphur  [Grape of the Vine, 2014]
Stryvigor - Wings of Sorrow  [Forgotten By Ages, 2014]
Disemballerina - Two Crows  [Undertaker, 2014]
The House of Capricorn - Our Shrouded King  [Morning Star Rise, 2014]
Tangerine Dream - Rain in the Third House  ["Near Dark" (soundtrack) 1987]
Fear of God - Emily  [Within the Veil, 1991]

(exc.) = excerpt of a longer piece
[N] = Nashville artist


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