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PODCAST: June 2015 Episode

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This episode begins with a small tribute to the enormous life and career of Sir Christopher Lee, legendary actor and horror icon, who died on June 7th at the age of 93. A suitable farewell to one of the last of the godfathers could be a whole show of its own, so I kept this one simple, choosing samples of Lee's infamous voice from a couple of my favorite pieces, some classic Hammer Horror theme music from the late 
James Bernard's iconic Dracula score, and a re-purposed tribute song from The Damned that felt like a proper send-off.

In the first full set, you will hear new music from 
Hamsas Xiii, a new band featuring Richard Witherspoon, founding guitarist of legendary US goth band, The Wake. The new project, which also features vocalist Robyn Bright (Cockatoo), lands in the middleground between goth/darkwave and shoegaze/ethereal on their debut full-length, Encompass.

Speaking of ethereal, shoegaze, and dark romantic sounds, I had the pleasure of catching 
Them Are Us Too at a small bar here in Nashville last week. You'll hear a track from their new album Remain, followed by a deeper cut from the equally Cure-inspired Shadow Age, taken from their new Silaluk EP. An actual song from The Cure's b-side library follows, leading into the break with some of Brian Reitzell's beautiful new soundtrack work from the final moments of Hannibal, season 2.

The next set features entirely new music in the modern deathrock/post-punk vein, much of it courtesy of the Mass Media Records label. It all begins with a track from the latest 
Masquerade 12", Blood is the New Black, which leads into something brand new from Portland's Lunch, taken from their new LP, Let Us Have Madness Openly. We then jump over to Spain, where we'll hear from Kathon's new album, Death Among Flowers, before jumping over to London for a really catchy number from The Mescaline Babies' new album, Primer. Finally, the set dips into another track from Metro Cult's new Transparent EP, before topping-off with brand new Mexican deathrock from the new self-titled Zotz 7-inch.

The darkwave/electronic set begins with a further cut from She Past Away's just-released second album, Narin Yalnizlik, followed by a deeper look into All Your Sisters' Modern Failures album, which should appeal to those looking for more music in the vein of bands like Cold Cave. We then check out something from the new Nightmare Fortress release, The Wanting, which continues their tradition of making me imagine somebody slipping in and out of consciousness while moving across a dimly lit dance floor. That's a good thing.

The dark metal segment begins with something from the much-hyped new 
Paradise Lost album, The Plague Within. Hailed as a return to their early/glory years and/or the classic Peaceville sound, you may find evidence of this claim on the new single, "Beneath Broken Earth." Behind that, you'll get a taste of Thier, the new album from Austria's Amestigon, a long-standing black metal band featuring past and present members of AbigorSummoning, Dargaard, and Dominion III

A classic from Neurosis rounds out the set, as I couldn't resist throwing in one more nod to Christopher Lee, in the form of one of my favorite lines from The Wicker ManFinally, the show closes with a lengthy number from the new Bell Witch album, Four Phantoms, to send you on your way.

All of that, PLUS: Retro Promenade is back with a new synthwave tribute to the Tron films, from which you'll get a taste of a new project called Occam's Laser; We'll take several emotional trips to the early nineties vaults, in addition to a few grabs from the '70s horror vaults, the '80s darkwave scene, and the expanded darkwave range of the modern age.

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
  Show recorded on: June 19th, 2015

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

[Sample] Christopher Lee - Fireside Tales (Intro)
James Bernard - Main Title ["(The Horror of) Dracula" (soundtrack) 1958]
[Sample] Jess Franco's "Count Dracula" (1970)
The Damned - The Beauty of the Beast  [Grave Disorder, 2001]
Christopher Lee - The Raven (exc.)  [Christopher Lee Reads Edgar Allan Poe: Tales of Mystery and Horror, 1985] (sample inserted over The Damned's song)
[Sample] Jess Franco's "Count Dracula" (1970)
James Bernard - The Ceremony Begins/Taste the Blood ["Taste the Blood of Dracula (soundtrack) 1970]
Current 93 - A Silence Song  [Thunder Perfect Mind, 1992]
Hamsas Xiii - Exploding Heart  [Encompass, 2015]
The God Machine - All My Colours  [Home (single) 1993]
Them Are Us Too - Creepy Love  [Remain, 2015]
Shadow Age - Innocence  [Silaluk, 2015]
The Cure - A Foolish Arrangement  [A Letter to Elise (single), 1992]
Brian Reitzell Bloodfest (from Mizumono)  ["Hannibal" Season 2 - Volume 2 (soundtrack) 2014]
Masquerade - Cry Like Birds  [Blood is the New Black, 2014]
Lunch - Not An Ocean  [Let Us Have Madness Openly, 2015]
Kathon - E Risk  [Death Among Flowers, 2015]
The Mescaline Babies - Dancing with a Broken Leg  [Primer, 2015]
Metro Cult - Distortions  [Transparent EP, 2015]
Zotz - Altrapado  [Zotz (7"), 2015]
Occam's Laser - Flynn Pt. II  ["Grid Knights" (comp.) 2015]
She Past Away - Asimilasyon  [Narin Yalnizlik, 2015]
All Your Sisters - Come Feel  [Modern Failures, 2014]
Nightmare Fortress - No Exit  [The Wanting, 2015]
Unextraordinary Gentlemen - Open Arms, Empty Air (2011 version) [Open Arms, Empty Air (single) 2011]
Fad Gadget - King of the Flies  [King of the Flies (single) 1982]
Zola Jesus - I Can't Stand  [Stridulum, 2010]
Coil - How to Destroy Angels  [How to Destroy Angels, 1984]
Paradise Lost - Beneath Broken Earth  [The Plague Within, 2015]
Amestigon - 358  [Thier, 2015]
Neurosis - A Chronology for Survival  [Souls at Zero, 1992] 
Philippe D'Aram - Bal Slow (Living Dead Girl)  [The Films of Jean Rollin (soundtrack comp.) 1994]
Bell Witch - Suffocation, A Burial: I – Awoken (Breathing Teeth)  [Four Phantoms, 2015]


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