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PODCAST: September 2015 Episode

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In honor of their current US tour, we begin this episode with a classic from The Chameleons, taken from their essential 1983 debut, Script of the Bridge. Now, before anybody scoffs, yes, it's really ChameleonsVox that's touring, and not all of the original members, but just let us have this. It's as close as we're ever going to get to seeing them play, and they're performing such a classic album in its entirety, to boot. Tour dates are here

Beyond that, this episode is loaded with brand new music, this time leaning heavily towards the punk side of the post-punk spectrum. First up is the long-awaited new album from Hollywood-to-Berlin transplants, Frank the Baptist. As the Camp Burns sees the band continuing to cultivate their trademark sound, which continues to defy easy categorization. After a dip in the coldwave vaults, we meet up with Publicist UK, a band that defies logic by not only being from the US, but also being comprised largely of known metal players in a post-punk game. Their new album, Forgive Yourself, is available here.

Our second Berlin-based act of the show, 
Diät, then picks up with a selection from their somewhat garage-y new album, Positive Energy, followed by an uptempo post-punk blast from Ssleeping DesiresS, taken from their new self-titled release. The set then runs out with more new post-punk from Ohio's Pleasure Leftists, who have just issued The Woods of Heaven.

The first half of the next set takes on more of a straightforward punk sound -- with darker attitude, of course. Sheffield's Sievehead leads the charge with a cut from their Into the Blue album, followed by our third Berlin band of the show, Pretty Hurts, with a taste of their new Expectations EP. Australia's Chain of Flowers (who I must assume are Cure fans) then offer a taste of their forthcoming self-titled album, followed by a cut from the Eternal Return 7-inch from Brooklyn's Pawns, recently issued on the Sacred Bones label.  

A bit of darkwave rounds out the set, with further dose of France's 
Minuit Machine, who I can't seem to stop listening to lately, followed by the lead single from the most recent full length from Cincinnati's Skeleton Hands, who just played a great show at Fascination Street, Nashville's monthly post-punk, deathrock, darkwave, and trad-goth dance night that I mention often, because you should join us if you're ever in the neighborhood.

Cold Showers begins the next set, with a track from their new Matter of Choice album, joining darkwave and post-punk, using the pop sensibilities of The Cure as the glue. Another Lips comes back -- all the way from Misnk, Belarus -- with a new single entitled "Синька" (in English: "Blue"), just before we dip into a classic, and then emerge again with a further taste of Chelsea Wolfe's new album, Abyss. I had the pleasure of seeing her again this week, when her current tour dropped through Nashville. The set then ends with a couple of interesting twists, the first being from the also-touring Membranes, who have returned with Dark Matter/Dark Energy.

Although things get heavy a little earlier on this episode, the main metal begins by spotlighting the 2015 California Deathfest (October 9-11 in Oakland, CA). In this case, I've focused on the bands playing on that Sunday, which leans more in the direction of death/doom. You'll hear music from LycusGnaw Their TonguesBölzerWorship, and even a brand new one from Portland's Shroud of the Heretic, who will all join Loss (and many other great bands) on stage for the final day of the festival. Worship, Lycus, and Shroud of the Heretic will also be on tour leading up to the fest. Those dates are here

Finally, the show closes with a track from Velnias, who are also on tour in the US, stopping in to Nashville on September 23rd @ The East Room

All of that, PLUS: An always-welcome rarity from Robert Smith's personal vaults; a second nod to the memory of Wes Craven; some new instrumental work from Denmark's Moth; a look back at some forgotten Twin Peaks-inspired depressive metal; and more! 

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
  Show recorded on: September 18th, 2015

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

The Chameleons - A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days  [Script of the Bridge, 1983]
Robert Smith - Prayers for Rain (Home Demo Instrumental 04-88)  [Disintegration (Deluxe Edition) 1989/2010]
Frank the Baptist - Diogenes Travels  [As the Camp Burns, 2015]
Asylum Party - Misfortunes?  [What Will You Learn, 1989]
Publicist UK - Slow Dancing to this Bitter Earth  [Forgive Yourself, 2015]
Diät - Sinkhole [Positive Energy, 2015]
Ssleeping DesiresS - Years In Repair  [Ssleeping DesiresS, 2015]
Pleasure Leftists - Protection  [The Woods of Heaven, 2015]
Moth - After the Fire II  [Singles and Early Demos, 2015]
Sievehead - No Grapes  [Into the Blue, 2015]
Pretty Hurts - Expectations  [Expectations, 2015]
Chain of Flowers - Crisis  [Chain of Flowers, 2015]
Pawns - Eternal Return  [Eternal Return, 2015]
Minuit Machine - Ghost  [Live & Destroy, 2014]
Skeleton Hands - Oxygen  [Gone, 2013]
S.T.R.S.G.N - Full Eclipse (Catherine's Theme) ["Carpenter" (comp.) 2015]
Cold Showers - Plantlife  [Matter of Choice, 2015]
Another Lips - Синька (Blue) [Синька (single) 2015]
Kommunity FK - The Other World  [Close One Sad Eye, 1985]
Chelsea Wolfe - Color of Blood  [Abyss, 2015]
The Membranes - The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light  [Dark Matter/Dark Energy, 2015]
Fear of Eternity - Staring at the Dark  [Spirit of Sorrow, 2006]
Brad Fiedel - Main Title  ["The Serpent and the Rainbow" (soundtrack) 1988]
Gnaw Their Tongues - Teeth That Leer Like Open Graves  [An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood, 2007]
Lycus - Engravings  [Tempest, 2013]
Shroud of the Heretic - Metempsychosis  [Unorthodox Equilibrium, 2015]
Worship - Terranean Wake IV: End Of An Aeviturne  [Terranean Wake, 2012]
Bölzer - Coronal Mass Ejaculation  [Aura, 2013]
Treha Sektori - Berh Ehn Confession  [Endessiah, 2012]
Velnias - Reclamation of Valour  [RuneEater, 2012]


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