Friday, July 22, 2016

PODCAST: July 2016 Episode

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While there is no actual theme to this episode of "Out ov the Coffin," it will be evident that I've spent much of the last week taking in the new synthetic-'80s sci-fi/horror series "Stranger Things," which is an experience that I certainly recommend, for the many reasons you've probably heard at this point. After beginning the show with new music from San Francisco's All Your Sisters, who have just returned with their more refined second album, Uncomfortable Skin, we move into the main theme from "Stranger Things," as composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. The duo also make up part of the synthwave band S U R V I V E, who have recently been signed to Relapse Records.

While still on that 'strange' wavelength, the first full set begins with a well-used classic from Echo & the Bunnymen (who will tour the US later this year), before turning this month's spotlight on the just-announced and quickly-upcoming tour that will see Aurelio Voltaire and Stoneburner (featuring Steven Archer of Ego Likeness) joining forces across the US. I chose a couple of my personal favorites for this set to celebrate their arrival in Nashville on August 6th to play the Solidarity 1.5 benefit show. You can see the rest of their tour dates here.

The set continues with music from the first full-length release from the mysterious parody-band, Death In Rome, who have gained a following online for their unlikely neo-folk covers of catchy pop songs. In this case, the band takes the skeleton of one of ROME's most beloved songs, "Der Brandtaucher," and dresses it with the words and melody of the WHAM classic "Careless Whisper." ROME being one of my favorite bands, I did not take kindly to this idea on paper, but hearing it, I loved it in spite of myself. Hopefully, Rome's Jerome Reuter is able to appreciate it in the same way. Meanwhile, you can hear more surprising Death In Rome curiosities on their new album Hitparade.

Deadfly Ensemble and Cinema Strange main-man Lucas Lanthier drops in next with his new digital single, "Heathen Smile," a song which could fairly be said to sit comfortably between the sounds of the two aforementioned projects. Finally, the set wraps up with a classic from Killing Joke, brought to mind by the release of the film and soundtrack for the new animated feature "Batman: The Killing Joke," which will have a limited theatrical release on July 25th. Not played together merely to be cute, I go into the backstory that actually does connect the classic post-punk band with the greatest comic story ever told. 

The second set begins with new music from Australia's Infinite Void, whose new split 7" with Arctic Flowers has just been released. Following that, you'll get a taste of three new deathrock demos from across the US: L.A.'s The Wraith (featuring members of Lost Tribe and Cinema Strange) lead the charge, followed by Denver's Radio Scarlet, and Texas band Ritual Order. After a classic from Finland's Musta Paraati, the set wraps up with a deeper cut from Litovsk, who continue to fly the French flag high on this podcast.

The third set begins with new music from Bestial Mouths' latest, Heartless, before giving you a deeper cut from that catchy new Bootblacks LP, Veins. After dipping back to the previous decade for a cut from Led Er Est, we catch up with the closing track from High-Functioning Flesh's most recent LP, then segue into the classic Tubeway Army track, "Down in the Park." Lest you should be too comfortable at that point, more great new music from France's Rendez-Vous springs to life, and (hopefully) makes you spring to the web to order a copy of their new LP, Distance

In the fourth set, the tables turn to dark metal. If you're allergic to such things, run away now (but do come back for the closing track!). We begin with a black/doom song from the new, self-titled album from Predatory Light, and, because I can't leave well enough alone, I return to "Stranger Things" on the way out of this episode, too, channeling all of the show's "Mirkwood" references into the Summoning classic of the same name, then closing the show with the full-length version of the New Order epic, "Elegia," which was used to great effect in the series.

All of that, PLUS: New soundtrack work from "The Neon Demon" by Cliff Martinez; a visit to the '80s sci-fi/horror soundtrack vaults for some rollerskating vampires and classic lizard-people synth-themes; and more! 

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
  Show recorded on: July 22nd, 2016

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

All Your Sisters - Loss  [Uncomfortable Skin, 2016]
Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein - Main Theme ["Stranger Things" (soundtrack) 2016]
Echo & the Bunnymen - Nocturnal Me  [Ocean Rain, 1984]
Aurelio Voltaire - The Man Upstairs  [The Devil's Bris, 1998]
Stoneburner - Lament for Liet  [The No Chamber, 2014]
Death In Rome - Careless Whisper  [Hitparade, 2016]
Lucas Lanthier - Heathen Smile  [Heathen Smile, 2016]
Killing Joke - America  [America, 1988]
Michael McCuistion, Kristopher Carter and Lolita Ritmanis - End Credits ["Batman: The Killing Joke" (soundtrack) 2016]
Infinite Void - Face in the Window [Infinite Void/Arctic Flowers (split 7"), 2016]
The Wraith - Comatic Romance  [Demo, 2016]
Radio Scarlet - Sat on a Wall  [Demos 2016]
Ritual Order - ISA  [Ritual Order (Demo), 2016]
Musta Paraati - Peilitalo  [Peilitalossa, 1983]
Litovsk - Nergenst  [Litovsk, 2016]
Cliff Martinez - Thank God You're Awake (Remix)/Lipstick Drawing  ["The Neon Demon" (soundtrack) 2016]
Bestial Mouths - Greyed  [Heartless, 2016]
Bootblacks - Drift  [Veins, 2016]
Led Er Est - Scissors  [Dust on Common, 2009]
High-Functioning Flesh - Mistakes Were Made  [Definite Structures, 2015]
Tubeway Army - Down in the Park  [Replicas, 1979]
Rendez-Vous - Demian  [Distance, 2016]
Brad Fiedel - Love Bite / Fright Show  ["Fright Night Part II" (soundtrack) 1988]
Predatory Light - Laughing Wound  [Predatory Light, 2016]
Summoning - Mirkwood  [Nightshade Forests, 1997]
Barry De Vorzon - Main Title  ["V: The Final Battle" (soundtrack) 1984]
New Order - Elegia (full version)  [Low Life, 1985]

(exc.) - excerpt of the full song

[N] = Nashville artist



  1. well.. concerning Jerome Reuter's reaction to DEATH IN ROME: He asked them to become ROME and they denied.