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PODCAST: June 2017 Episode

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Welcome to the June 2017 episode of "Out ov the Coffin." After spending some time in the music vaults in the last week, this one begins with a nearly-forgotten piece from what I imagine is a now-defunct Portland band called Sumerland, before sliding into one of two new dark ambient tracks taken from a recent compilation by Kalpamatra, entitled, "The Echoing Black." The German project Phelios decorates the first talk-break of the show.

Lest you should think that we're going to wallow in muted ambience and somber waves all night, the first full set kicks in with some fast and fresh goth/deathrock from Lock Howl, delivering a first taste of their new Pareidolia album. Following quickly is new music from Finland's The Flatfield, from their Manie Sans Délire album. We then (finally) dip back to last year's Swarm LP, from Brooklyn's Bambara, who proudly wear their Nick Cave/Birthday Party influences where we can all admire them. The set rounds out with three selections from the post-punk vaults, including one of the earliest recordings of Atlanta's Entertainment, a personal favorite from New Model Army (later famously covered by Sepultura), and the recently re-appreciated Red Temple Spirits

The second full set begins with a deeper and more electronic cut from the new Clan of Xymox album, Days of Black, before celebrating the recently-reissued majesty of The Great Annihilator-era Swans. A reminder of how great Shadow Age's Silaluk 7-inch was comes next, to whet your appetite for their forthcoming new material. We then dip into the '80s vaults for some overlooked Minimal Compact, before settling in for a tale from the new collaboration from 
Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel. The album, entitled I Can Spin a Rainbow, sees the unexpected duo trading vocals on what Ka-spel fans will recognize as his signature style of musical storytelling. Finally, the set concludes with the pleasant surprise of new music from France's Hante., taken from the just-released darkwave opus, Between Hope & Danger

Set three begins by dipping deeper into two current albums that have been getting a lot of play in my car recently, The Agnes Circle's Some Vague Desire, and Drab Majesty's The Demonstration. We then reach two decades back into the vaults for a '90s goth classic from Vendemmian, then slide forward to one decade ago for a nearly-forgotten cut from France's Joy/Disaster, before coming back to the fresh and new with a debut from Poland's curiously-named Jesus Rodriguez. The set ends with another taste of Bloodlust EP from The Kentucky Vampires, who will be performing live at the June edition of Nashville's post-punk, goth, deathrock, and darkwave dance night, Fascination Street.

The dark metal portion of the show begins with new music from Seattle's 
Isenordal, who I was lucky enough to catch live recently. The sound of their latest release, Shores of Mourning, although equally rooted in modern dark metal styles, draws influence from the strings-and-keys-laden gothic doom acts of the '90s, the sound of which was sorely missing from the current crop of bands. We then tear deeper into the latest albums from VenenumParia, and Délétère, stopping briefly to get our first of two further bites from the excellent Raw soundtrack, courtesy of Jim Williams

I then shamelessly close the show with the opening track from the new 
Loss album, Horizonless, because nobody has waited longer to finally be able to share it with the world.

All of that, PLUS: Further new dark ambient from 
Abandoned Asylum; Another taste of Cristobal Tapia De Veer's score to The Girl with All the Gifts; A rare selection from the neo-classical vaults; and more! 

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)
(sets and talk breaks separated by dashes)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
  Show recorded on: June 6th/7th, 2017

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

Sumerland - The Blessings of Morpheus  [Sivo, 2001]
Phelios - Tharsis  ["The Echoing Black" (comp.) 2016]
Lock Howl - Nephilim  [Pareidolia, 2017]
The Flatfield - The Moment  [Manie Sans Délire, 2017]
Bambara - An Ill Son  [Swarm, 2016]
Entertainment - Safe At One  [Safe At One, 2003]
New Model Army - The Hunt  [The Ghost of Cain, 1986]
Red Temple Spirits - Lost in Dreaming  [Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon, 1988]
Cristobal Tapia De Veer - Abyss  ["The Girl with All the Gifts" (soundtrack) 2017]
Clan of Xymox - Your Kiss  [Days of Black, 2017]
Swans - Killing For Company  [The Great Annihilator, 1994]
Shadow Age - Innocence  [Silaluk, 2015]
Minimal Compact - Inner Station  [The Figure One Cuts, 1987]
Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel - Shahla's Missing Page  [I Can Spin a Rainbow, 2017]
Hante. - Éternité  [Between Hope & Danger, 2017]
Benjamin Stauffer - Imaginosis ["A Cage Went in Search of a Bird" (comp.) 2000]
The Agnes Circle - Law of Angels  [Some Vague Desire, 2016]
Drab Majesty - 39 By Design  [The Demonstration, 2017]
Vendemmian - Standing  [One Eye Open, 1996]
Joy/Disaster - Fade Away  [Paranoia, 2007]
Jesus Rodriguez - Wtorek  [digital single, 2016]
The Kentucky Vampires - Hex  [Blood Lust, 2017]
Abandoned Asylum - Passing Uncharted Constellations  ["The Echoing Black" (comp.) 2016]
Isenordal - A Gallows Prayer  [Shores of Mourning, 2017]
Venenum - Trance of Death Part II: Melanoi  [Trance of Death, 2017]
Paria - Pergamentikkch Nemesis  [Knochenkamp, 2016]
Jim Williams - Bus Crash  ["Raw" (soundtrack) 2017]
Délétère - III - Horae Leprae: Cantus IV: I.N.O.P.I.A E.T. M.O.R.B.O.  [Per Aspera As Pestilentiam, 2017]
Jim Williams - Finale  ["Raw" (soundtrack) 2017]
Loss - The Joy of All Who Sorrow  [Horizonless, 2017]

(exc.) = excerpt
(comp.) = compilation


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