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PODCAST: December 15th, 2011

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This episode starts with some newly released live music from my favorite band of all time, The Cure, who have just issued Bestival Live 2011, a 2CD collection of the band's set at September's Bestival Fest, featuring a great, career-spanning set-list. All proceeds from the sale of the album will go to benefit the Isle of Wight Youth Trust. Learn more about that here.

Speaking of live recordings of legendary bands, Dead Can Dance has made two separate collections of live recordings available for free to people who sign up for their mailing list. The collections are called Live Happenings, Parts I and II, and are designed to whet peoples' appetites for their forthcoming album. Get the downloads here.

On the last show, I threw the spotlight on ROME's new box set, Die Aesthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit, by featuring tracks from the first two discs on that episode. This time, to round out the preview-effect, you'll hear a selection from Disc 3 of the set ("Aufgabe"). And if you're ready to order the whole thing after that, you can find the limited edition here, while they last. Otherwise, watch for the single-disc versions.

Also featured on this show: A re-issue of the British band Siiiii's collection of early '80s material, entitled Ancient; a deeper cut from the new System Syn album, All Seasons Pass; brand new "experimetal" from Iceland's Sólstafir, whose Svartir Sandar has appeared on many year-end charts already; more new music from Finland's Azaghal, from their forthcoming release, Nemesis; and a taste of Christopher Drake's score to the latest Batman animated film, "Batman: Year One," which is great, by the way.

This episode closes with two more new entries, the first from Norway's Ulver, who continue to explore the boundaries of various genres on The Wars of the Roses, and new music from a fresh Nashville post-rock/experimental act called Black Caverns.

Also on this episode: New music from Lycus, who recently released a limited edition of their demo on Nashville's own Graceless Recordings; More fresh sounds from Deied, Nosferatu,  and Gary Numan; plenty of great soundtrack music from the realms of dark sci-fi; some goth rock obscurities and current sounds you may have missed, and much, much more!

STAY TUNED for the "Out ov the Coffin: Xmas Bonus" landing on or near December 22nd, and don't miss the December 29th episode: "The Best ov 2011!" Coming soon...

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[DOWNLOAD this episode (128k mp3)]

Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]

(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
Show date: Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

The Cure - Plainsong (live) [Bestival Live 2011]  ^RQ^
Clint Mansell - Two Weeks and Counting/I'm Sam Bell ["Moon" (soundtrack, 2009)]
Dead Can Dance - Crescent (live) [Live Happenings - Part II, 2011]
Siiiii - Conception  [Ancient, 2006]
Current 93 - St. Peter's Keys All Bloody  [Dogs Blood Rising, 1984]
ROME - Automation  [Die Aesthetik der Herrschaftsfreiheit - Band 3: Aufgabe, 2011]
Wovenhand - Winter Shaker  [Mosaic, 2006]
Christopher Drake - (untitled) ["Batman: Year One" (soundtrack, 2011)]
Nosferatu - Bombers  [Wonderland, 2011]
The Mission UK - The Crystal Ocean (extended)  [The First Chapter, 1987]
Moon - Dave  [Andromeda - The Spectral Compilation, 1993]
Sad Lovers and Giants - Big Tracks Little Tracks  [Feeding the Flame, 1983]
Charles de Goal - Procession  [Restructuration, 2008]
Gary Numan - Into Battle  [Dead Son Rising, 2011]
Panzer AG - It Is All In Your Head  [This Is My Battlefield, 2004]
Cryogen Second [N] - Anthem for the Great Self Destruct  [Anthem for the Great Self Destruct, 2011]
System Syn - Funeral  [All Seasons Pass, 2011]
Deied - In the Transition  [Tales of Sodenliah, 2011]
Mark Korven - Wrong Door/The Rope  ["Cube" (soundtrack, 1997)]
Sólstafir - Sjúki Skugginn  [Svartir Sandar, 2011]
Evoken - Intro/In Solitary Ruin  [Antithesis of Light, 2005]
Christopher Young - 'Skin Her Alive' ["Hellbound: Hellraiser II" (soundtrack, 1989)]
Azaghal - Ex Nihilo  [Nemesis, 2012]
Lycus - Aghast  [Demo 2011]
Mark Isham - Expiation/Mist  ["The Mist" (soundtrack, 2007)]
Ulver - England  [The Wars of the Roses, 2011]
Black Caverns [N] - Prevail Beyond the Storm  [Black Caverns EP, 2011]

[N] = Nashville artist

(exc.) = excerpt

^RQ^ = requested

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