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PODCAST: March 29th, 2013

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This year, Easter and the 15th anniversary of the death of Rozz Williams almost collide. Make sure you spend the day searching not for hidden eggs, but for Christian Death or Shadow Project albums you don't yet own. Despite being a little early, I paid my traditional sonic tribute to Rozz's life in the arts at the top of this episode, with a selection of his poetry, followed by the song that serves as his own, beautifully written epitaph.

Since last we spoke, I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds live, and it went above and beyond all expectations. One of the best shows I've seen. In honor of that, you'll hear the title track from his latest album, Push the Sky Away, on the way into the first full set.

This episode features new music from both former members of the legendary Faith and the Muse. First, a deeper cut from Monica Richards' sublime new Naiades album, and, later, the title track of the new EP from William Faith's The Bellwether Syndicate. I can already tell that "The Night Watch" will go down in history for me as one of the year's most infectious anthems. I just can't play it loudly enough.

Making their debut on this episode with a solid entry into the new wave of post-punk: Vancouver's Spectres, with a slice of their new album, Nothing to Nowhere. You'll also hear the late-but-great 'Coffin debut of Chicago's Cemetery, with a selection from their oft-reprinted 2011 demo cassette. Speaking of strong contenders in the modern goth/deathrock scene, Italy's In Loving Memory (or ILM, to some) have just compiled their work from 2005-2010 on a new release entitled Collection, from which I will share with you the first song I ever heard from the band.

Also new on this episode: A remix from the new XP8 album, Burning Down, as prepared by Nashville's own Cryogen Second; a deeper cut into The Twilight Garden's new CD, Hope; and a selection from Where Drowned Suns Still Glimmer, the new album from The Synthetic Dream Foundation.

All of that, PLUS: More of Brian Tyler's score from "John Dies at the End;" further into the latest albums from Atriarch, Killing Joke, and Light Asylum (see their video here); one bitter tear over not getting to see Morrissey in concert; some great darkwave and deathrock from the vault, and much more!

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
Show date: Friday, March 29th, 2013

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

Rozz Williams - Dec. 30, 1334 (exc.)  [The Whorse's Mouth, 1996]
Rozz Williams & Gitane Demone - Flowers  [Dream Home Heartache, 1995]
A Silver Mt. Zion - Tho You Are Gone I Still Often Walk w/ You  [Born into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upward, 2001]
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away  [Push the Sky Away, 2013]
Bauhaus - Hollow Hills  [Mask, 1981]
Monica Richards - Alaric  [Naiades, 2012]
Nosferatu - Wonderland  [Wonderland, 2011]
Morrissey - You Have Killed Me  [Ringleader of the Tormentors, 2006]
Cemetery - State Ward  [demo 2011]
Dead.Circuit - Drawn Into the Solar Vortex  [Saur Maas, 2011]
The Bellwether Syndicate - The Night Watch  [The Night Watch EP, 2013]
Spectres - Remote Viewing  [Nothing to Nowhere, 2012]
In Loving Memory - She Fades Away  [Collection, 2013]
The Grinning Plowman [N] - Inquisitions  [Days of Deformity, 1988]
Plastique Noir - Silent Shout  [Urban Requiems, 2006]
Bella Morte - Relics  [Where Shadows Lie, 1999]
Brian Tyler - Strange Passenger  ["John Dies at the End" (soundtrack) 2013]
The Cruxshadows - Hanged Man  [Telemetry of a Fallen Angel, 1996]
Light Asylum - Heart of Dust  [Light Asylum, 2012]
Haujobb - Dead Market  [New World March, 2011]
Night Vision - Welcome Home  [Night Vision, 2012]
XP8 - Burning Down (Outro mix by Cryogen Second)  [Burning Down, 2012]
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Medusa's Lair  [Where Drowned Suns Still Glimmer, 2013]
Killing Joke - Rapture  [MMXII, 2012]
Daemonarch - Lex Talionis  [Hermeticum, 1998]
Atriarch - Prayer  [Ritual of Passing, 2012]
Mighty Sphincter - Ghost Walking  [Ghost Walking, 1985]
The Wake - Submerged  [Masked, 1993]
The Twilight Garden - Ravens and Doves  [Hope, 2012]

[N] = Nashville artist
(exc.) = excerpt

^RQ^ = requested

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