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PODCAST: November 8th, 2013

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With Halloween/Samhain behind us, this episode returns to bringing you mountains of new music to check out (alongside some classics and other current albums, of course). First up is a taste of the new full-length from NOIR, the latest band from Athan Maroulis (Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Spahn Ranch, etc.). The song I selected represents the most ethereal track on an album that leans more towards darkwave/electronic sounds, but it is one of the standouts for me, so I chose it to lead the episode this time.

Already one of my favorite albums of the year, you'll get a taste of the new Beastmilk album, Climax, which is raising eyebrows everywhere by building on the driving post-punk -- with almost psychedelic '60s/'70s goth overtones -- that they impressed us with on their Use Your Deluge EP. Set for release on November 29th on Svart Records, you can pre-order Climax here.

A couple of new singles land on this episode: First, Sweden's Principe Valiente are back with a new single, "She Never Returned," awash in the effects-swollen modern post-punk sound for which they've come to be known. Then, the (originally South African) band The Awakening have released a teaser (and a video) for their forthcoming album, in the form of the song "Fault." We'll also go a track deeper into the b-sides from the new ROME single, Hate Us and See if We Mind.

Also in the deeper cuts department, we'll further explore the latest from Chelsea Wolfe, IAM{X}, and Summoning. For some local flavor, you'll also get your first taste of the new Nashville band BloodDrive (featuring a member of Dessau), who have now released their first EP of post-punk/dark rock sounds. Get it here.

In the dark metal portion of the show, you'll hear new music from the UK's CODE, whose new album Augur Nox is sure to appeal to fans of Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus, and DHG (with whom they share a member). From the Czech Republic, the arcane writings of Cult of Fire make their debut on this episode, from their unpronounceable new album, मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान, courtesy of Iron Bonehead Productions.

All of that, PLUS: New dark ambient/industrial tracks from Treha Sektori and Arditi, both taken from Heathen Harvest's new (and free for a limited time) Samhainwork II compilation; Overdue arrivals from Finland's Silent Scream and Portland Oregon's The Bellicose Minds; A spotlight on the southern leg of the Velvet Acid Christ & The Twilight Garden tour (which will hit Nashville on 11/11); some classics from the vault; and much, much more.

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
Show date: Friday, November 8th, 2013

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

NOIR - The Tragics  [Darkly Near, 2013]
Treha Sektori - Sorh Tah Evena  ["Samhainwork II" (comp.) 2013]
ROME - The Fever Tree (single version)  [Hate Us and See If We Mind, 2013]
Chelsea Wolfe - Ancestors, the Ancients  [Pain is Beauty, 2013]
Lowlife - Eternity Road (7" version)  [Eternity Road, 1987]
Principe Valiente - She Never Returned  [She Never Returned, 2013]
Gene Loves Jezebel - Bruises  [Promise  [1983]
Nosferatu - Black Hole  [Wonderland, 2011]
John Barry - Start the Countdown  ["The Black Hole" (soundtrack) 1979]
In Loving Memory - Emmanuelle  [Collection, 2013]
BloodDrive - So Far Gone  [BloodDrive EP, 2013] [N]
The Awakening - Fault  [Fault (digi-single), 2013]
The Bellicose Minds - Call to Graves  [The Spine, 2013] 
Beastmilk - Death Reflects Us  [Climax, 2013]
Silent Scream - Public Execution  [Public Execution, 2012]
Phelios - External Control   ["The Black Plague" (comp.) 2013]
Chiildren - My Gods  [The Other People, 2012]
IAM{X} - Walk with the Noise  [The Unified Field, 2013]
The Twilight Garden - Hope  [Hope, 2012]
Velvet Acid Christ - Bend the Sky  [Maldire, 2012]
Arditi - Unbroken Tradition  ["Samhainwork II" (comp.) 2013]
Summoning - Of Pale Morns and Darkened Eves  [Old Mornings Dawn, 2013]
Cult of Fire - संहार रक्त काली  [मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान, 2013]
Velnias - Velnio Maldavimas / Granduer's Desolation  [RuneEater, 2012]
CODE - Harmonies in Cloud  [Augur Nox, 2013]
Megaptera - The Curse of the Scarecrow  [The Curse of the Scarecrow, 1998]
Aldebaran - Forever in the Dream of Death  [Embracing the Lightless Depths, 2012]

[N] = Nashville artist
(exc.) = excerpt

^RQ^ = requested

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