Saturday, January 4, 2014

PODCAST: The Best ov 2013

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Here it is: Out ov the Coffin's aural time-capsule, carefully packed with the best of the past year in dark music. 2013 was a surprisingly good year, too. There honestly wasn't much that I was willing to trim from my rough list. As a result, you are about to hear an amazing stream of songs, solid from top to bottom, which will clock in one full hour longer than normal -- and it just happens to round out to a very tidy Top 40 list, although they're played by feel rather than rank.

So, pick your poison (DL or streaming), find a good space, and take in the best that 2013 had to offer in the unlit fields of goth, post-punk, deathrock, darkwave, synth, film music, dark metal, ambient, and more.

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
Show date: Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

Beastmilk - Death Reflects Us  [Climax, 2013]
Steven Hufsteter KOTD Love Theme / The Long Drive Home  ["Kiss of the Damned" (soundtrack) 2013]
Chelsea Wolfe - Ancestors, The Ancients  [Pain Is Beauty, 2013]
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away  [Push the Sky Away, 2013]
Lycia - Quiet Moments  [Quiet Moments, 2013]
Lux Interna - Tongues  [There Is Light In the Body, There Is Blood In the Sun, 2013]
Bloody Dead and Sexy w/ Gitane Demone - Plastic Night Sky  [Bad Ambient, 2013]
ROME - Hate Us and See If We Mind  [Hate Us and See If We Mind, 2013]
Goblin - Suspiria (2013)  [Tour EP 2013, 2013]
Night Sins - To London or the Lake  [To London or the Lake, 2013]
Savages - She Will  [Silence Yourself, 2013]
Silent Scream - Rotten Days  [Pubic Execution, 2012]
Vaura - Incomplete Burning  [The Missing, 2013]
The Bellwether Syndicate - The Night Watch  [The Night Watch EP, 2013]
Bellicose Minds - The Spine  [The Spine, 2013]
Javier Navarrete - Secrets / No One  [from "Byzantium" (soundtrack) 2013]
Masquerade Needle Through a Bug  [demo, 2013]
Theurgist - Verdugo  [DeathBed, 2013]
salvation AMP - Pandorum  [Hidden Faces, 2013]
Anasazi - Serpent's Circle  [Nuke York, 2013]
Wax Idols - When It Happens  [Discipline & Desire, 2013]
Spectres - Remote Viewing  [Nothing to Nowhere, 2012]
Becoming the Devourer - DecemberHoveringOut  [DecemberHoveringOut, 2013] [N]
Soror Dolorosa - Silver Square  [No More Heroes, 2013]
Grooving In Green - Stranglehold  [Stranglehold, 2013]
LowCityRain - Nightshift  [LowCityRain, 2013]
White Lies - Getting Even  [Big TV, 2013]
IAMX - Sorrow  [The Unified Field, 2013]
NOIR - The Bells  [Darkly Near, 2013]
Alessandro Parisi Si Sedes Non iS  [La Porta Ermetica, 2013]
Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn  [Old Mornings Dawn, 2013]
Sombres Forêts - L'éther  [La Mort du Soleil, 2013]
Gris - Seizième prière  [À l'âme enflammée, l'äme constellée…, 2013]
Rituaal - Datura at the Astral Sabbat  [Rituaal 7", 2013]
Alraune - Exordium  [demo, 2013]
Cult of Fire - शव साधना  [मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान, 2013]
Wolvserpent - A Breath in the Shade of Time (exc.)  [Perigaea Antahkarana, 2013]
Ash Borer - Oblivion's Spring (exc.)  [Bloodlands, 2013]
Hell - Decedere (exc.)  [III, 2013]
Lycus - Coma Burn  [Tempest, 2013]

[N] = Nashville artist
(exc.) = excerpt

^RQ^ = requested

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  1. Can't wait to hear this one. Thanks Ichabod!

  2. Thanks for including The Bellwether Syndicate in your "best ov!" :)
    Cheers, sir!