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PODCAST: February 2016 Episode

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By now, there are few left in the world that are unaware of the passing of David BowieAs an artist, he had only to try his hand at a given pursuit to leave an indelible mark on it, and our chosen sub-genres of glam, goth, and post-punk lovingly owe him a great debt. With that in mind, the first half-hour of this month's podcast serves as my tribute to the man's work and influence. Being the icon that he was/is, many great and exhaustive tributes have already been published, so I did not attempt to be comprehensive, but rather to weave some of my personal favorites in with selections from his final album, Blackstar, which was intentionally loaded with carefully-crafted messages and reflections on the way he chose to live and die. Rest in peace, Starman.

Beyond the opening Bowie tribute set, you will also hear one of my favorite covers of his music, as rendered by Midge Ure (of Ultravox), followed by one more nod to Major Tom, before launching into a regular "Out ov the Coffin" episode, filled with all the new music that has been building up so far this year -- as well as few things that were overlooked when putting the "Best ov 2015" episode together last month.

First to the plate is Lakes, with a deeper cut from their new Arms in Twilight album, which continues their quite-successful fusion of post-punk and neo-folk sounds. Italian post-punk band The Black Veils (no, not the 'Brides) make their debut with a selection from their late 2015 release, Blossoms. After a rare cult-classic Visage cover from Mors Syphilitica, the set welcomes Los Angeles goth band Night Nail, with their latest digital single, "Hollow Day."

The second set begins with an overlooked gem from Philadelphia's Death of Lovers, before diving into another classic from the vault. The suitable pairing of another new track from Killing Joke's new Pylon album and the title track from the newly-resurrected 1919's new Death Note EP comes next, followed by another dip in the cold(wave) regions of the vaults. Finally, another overlooked gem from Russia's Crystal Night rounds out the set. 

The next set begins with two (of the many) bands that will be hitting the road later this year. We begin with a selection from the new Savages album, Adore Life, and follow it with an early classic from Xymox -- now better known these days as Clan of Xymox, who will be playing four U.S. shows this fall (in Portland, Los Angeles, and Oakland). We then hit a couple of '80s obscurities before topping the set with new music from Angels of Liberty's Telepathine album, and the Days on Shimmer and Drip EP from Night Sins, both of which should have been featured on the "Best ov 2015" episode, but nothing's ever perfect, is it?

The dark metal portion of the show eases in with a dark ambient/neo-classical throwback, before jumping in to something from the new Lycus album, Chasms. If you recall hearing the band Cemetery Fog on the show a few months ago, they are back under the new name of Asphodelus, with a sound that leans more towards classic Peaceville, and a new EP entitled Dying Beauty & the Silent Sky. After a Swedish metal cvlt classic, New York's Luminous Vault (featuring members of Castevet) makes their debut on the show, with one of Graceless Recordings best tape releases of 2015, Communion. You can pick that tape up here, and while you're at it, they also did the cassette version of the new Lycus.

This episode's closing song comes from Norway's Ulver, taken from their brand new album ATGCLVLSSCAP, which was built from many improvisational pieces and live recordings done in the last couple of years. 

All of that, PLUS: A nod to Polish director Andrzej Żuławski, who passed away last week; Actual tour news (New York and more, Detroit) from the legendary John Carpenter; Selections from the French coldwave, dark ambient '90s, and darkwave '80s vaults; and more! 

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
  Show recorded on: February 23rd, 2016

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

David Bowie - Warszawa (exc.) [Low, 1977]
David Bowie - Blackstar  [Blackstar, 2016]
David Bowie - We Are the Dead  [Diamond Dogs, 1974]
David Bowie - Lazarus  [Blackstar, 2016]
David Bowie - Time  [Aladdin Sane, 1973]
David Bowie - Sense of Doubt (exc.)  [Heroes, 1977]
Franz Schubert - Trio in E-Flat (exc.)  ["The Hunger" (soundtrack) 1983] 
Midge Ure - The Man Who Sold the World  [single, 1982] 
Salome’s Wish - Waiting  [Black Days, 2000]
Lakes - Triumph of Spring  [Arms in Twilight, 2015]
The Black Veils - The Fall  [Blossom, 2015]
Mors Syphilitica - Damned Don’t Cry  [Mors Syphilitica (12"), 1996]
Night Nail - Hollow Day  [single, 2016]
Andrzej Korzyński - The Night the Screaming Stops / Anna Rewards Mark / Kreuzberg 3 & 4  ["Possession" (soundtrack) 1981]
Death of Lovers - Cold Heaven  [Buried Under a World of Roses, 2014]
The Marionettes - Like Christabel  [Ave Dementia, 1990]
Killing Joke - New Cold War  [Pylon, 2015]
1919 - Death Note  [Death Note EP, 2016]
Excès Nocturne - L'Echo Des Lumières  [L'Echo Des Lumières, 1989]
Crystal Night - Waiting for Something  [Crystal Night EP, 2014]
John Carpenter - Main Title  ["Escape from New York" (soundtrack) 1981]
Savages - Surrender  [Adore Life, 2016]
Xymox - Abysmal Thoughts  [Subsequent Pleasures, 1983]
Message - Dernière Nuit  [Dernière Nuit, 1988]
Edward Ka-spel - Blowing Bubbles (Part 2)  [Eyes! China Doll, 1985]
Angels of Liberty - Leda  [Telepathine, 2015]
Night Sins - Skylark Season  [Days on Shimmer and Drip, 2015]
John Cacavas - Main Title / Untitled  ["Mortuary" (unreleased soundtrack) 1983]
Arcana - The Opening of the Wound  [Cantar de Procella, 1997]
Lycus - Mirage  [Chasms, 2016]
Asphodelus - Illusion of Life  [Dying Beauty & the Silent Sky, 2016]
Ancient Wisdom - In the Profane Domain of the Frostbeast  [The Calling, 1997]
Luminous Vault - Flesh of the Daemon  [Communion, 2015]
Ildfrost - That I May Drink, And Leave The World Unseen  [Autumn Departure, 1994]
Ulver - Glammer Hammer  [ATGCLVLSSCAP, 2016]

(exc.) - excerpt of the full song


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