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PODCAST: March 2016 Episode

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This episode of "Out ov the Coffin" begins by marking the 30th anniversary of the classic Depeche Mode album, Black Celebration -- without which, the world may have lacked for a particular strain of synthpop and darkwave bands for many years.

The first set begins with recent music from Canada's Cockatoo, the prior musical outlet of Hamsas XIII's Robyn Bright. After visiting 1982's vault for a resurrected minimal track from No More, the set dives deeper into Days on Shimmer and Drip, the latest EP from Philadelphia's Night Sins -- in this case, a lofi-darkwave cover of the classic "You Keep Me Hangin' On." The solemn chamber music of San Francisco's Amber Asylum follows, with a track from their new Sin Eater album, which leads faithfully into an overlooked gem from French neo-classical goth act, Rosa Crux, before ending the set with a cinematic classic from Crime & The City Solution, which you may recognize from the film "Wings of Desire."

Set two kicks off with a taste of the eagerly-anticipated, forthcoming album from one of California's original deathrock acts, Altar de Fey. The full-length, Echoes in the Corridor, is due out this Spring on Mass Media Records, but you can currently buy the advance single here. We then step back into 1982 for a classic from new wave/post-punk icons Modern English, who are hitting the road in the United States this spring (Nashville on May 28th). Sliding over to the Paris of 1982, we'll hear a live cult-classic from The Cure (also on tour this spring), before stepping into the next classic era, mid-'90s intentional gothic rock -- in this case, from The Merry Thoughts.

The second set continues with some impressively-murky new post-punk/goth rock from Russia's Сруб (or Srub, as they are known stateside), taken from their new album Песни Злых Цветов. We then pick up a recent track (that almost slipped through the cracks) from California deathrockers Christ vs Warhol, before rounding out the set with new music from fellow Californians They Feed at Night, who fly the deathrock/horror-rock flag high on Night Tower (a new split 7" release with Bell Tower Bats).

The third set begins kicks in hard with a driving new single from Italy's The Black Veils, indicative (one would hope) of more quality post-punk material on the way from them. We then step into the vaults for some underserved late-'80s darkwave from Cancer Barrack, before getting more electronic with further cuts from my current favorite French darkwave act, Minuit Machine, and the return of Canadian elektro/industrial stalwarts, Decoded Feedback. A short, Godflesh-esque new track (and video) from Seattle's Grave Babies comes next, followed by the absolute worship of Fields of the Nephilim that manifests in Sweet Ermengarde's new abum, Ex Oblivione

We begin the next set with a different kind of goth-metal act, Scotland's Lock Howl, who combine traditional gothic rock influences with death/black metal guitar work and vocal textures. The much-argued-about Deafheaven follows with a song from their latest album, New Bermuda, which sees the band expanding on what I've dubbed their signature "Sunny Day Emperor" sound. Portugal's Carma steps in behind them, with the more doom-laden feel of their new self-titled album, which leads into two selections from the vault: A recently unearthed early '90s EP from Greece's Necromancy (a project that led to the infamous Necromantia), and a lesser-played cut from the recently re-issued '90s black metal classic Tusen år har gått, from Sweden's Mörk Gryning.

All of that, PLUS: A small tribute to the music of Keith Emerson, who died earlier this month; More excellent atmospheric work from Brian Reitzell's newly-issued "Hannibal season 3" soundtrack; Selections from the dark ambient, soundtrack, and Hammer Horror Music vaults (which led me to name-drop and recommend the new Daughters of Darkness podcast); and more! 

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
  Show recorded on: March 23rd, 2016

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

Depeche Mode - Black Celebration  [Black Celebration, 1986]
Brian Reitzell - And The Woman Clothed In Sun Pt 2  ["Hannibal" Season 3, Volume 2 (Soundtrack) 2016]
Cockatoo - Abyss  [Present, 2013]
No More - Caged Heat  [A Rose Is A Rose, 1982]
Night Sins - You Keep Me Hangin' On  [Days On Shimmer and Drip, 2015]
Amber Asylum - Beast Star  [Sin Eater, 2015]
Rosa Crux - In Tenebris  [In Tenebris, 2002]
Crime & The City Solution - Six Bells Chime  [Room of Lights, 1986]
Jürgen Knieper - The Cathedral of Books  ["Wings of Desire" (soundtrack) 1987]
Altar de Fey - 1975  [Echoes in the Corridor, 2016]
Modern English - Life In the Gladhouse  [After the Snow, 1982]
The Cure - Cold (live, Paris: June 1982)  [(unreleased), 1982]
The Merry Thoughts - Low Violet  [Psychocult, 1996]
Сруб (Srub) - След в след  [Песни Злых Цветов, 2016] 
Christ vs Warhol - Welcome Home ["Gothic Music: 33 Bands You Should Know II" (comp.), 2015]
They Feed at Night - Way of the Night  [Night Tower, 2016]
Harry Robinson - The Resurrection Of Mircalla  ["Twins of Evil" (soundtrack) 1971]
The Black Veils - (Let's Set the) Cities on Fire ["Sparkles in the Dark vol. 2" (comp.) 2016]
Cancer Barrack - Themes of Muldoror  [Luscious, 1989]
Minuit Machine - Battles  [Violent Rains, 2015]
Decoded Feedback - Waiting for the Storm  [Waiting for the Storm, 2016]
Grave Babies - Metal Me  [Holographic Violence, 2015]
Sweet Ermengarde - From Beyond (Sleep's Better Than Prayer)  [Ex Oblivione, 2016]
Tangerine Dream - Nebulous Dawn (exc.)  [Zeit, 1972]
Lock Howl - Her  [Lost In Static EP, 2015]
Deafheaven - Brought to the Water  [New Bermuda, 2015]
Carma - Feto  [Carma, 2015]
Necromancy - Ancient Wrath 2  [Ancient Wrath, 1991/2015]
Mörk Gryning - Armageddon Has Come to Pass... Unleash the Beast  [Tusen år har gått, 1995]
Keith Emerson - Rose's Descent Into the Cellar  ["Inferno" (soundtrack) 1980]
Keith Emerson - Mater Tenebrarum  ["Inferno" (soundtrack) 1980]

(exc.) - excerpt of the full song


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