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PODCAST: June 28th, 2012

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This episode opens with fresh music from Sweden's Brotherhood, whose new album, …Turn the Gold to Chrome…, has just been issued on Germany's afmusic. You can check out more of their post-punk/goth rock sound on their Bandcamp site.

Dead Can Dance have just started taking pre-orders for their much-anticipated first studio album in 16 years, Anastasis. As a gift to their many curious fans, they have released a digital single, which is featured on this episode (and available here). The album will be issued in multiple formats, to coincide with their Fall 2012 tour, which will hit Nashville's Ryman Auditorium on September 4th.

Incidentally, for those in the Nashville area, word on the street is that +SALVATION+ Gothic/Industrial Night will be giving away a pair of tickets to the Dead Can Dance show at their July 14th event. For those keeping tabs on Dragon*Con in Atlanta (Labor Day Weekend), I'll talk about some of the bands that have said they will be playing there this year, including South Carlina's Valentine Wolfe, whose macabre Steampunk ambience is featured on this episode. 

Speaking of events, the brand new Calabrese album has finally landed, and it is GOOD. Dayglo Necros is another fine example of the 3 brothers serving up the catchiest and coolest horror rock in the world right now. You can score your own copy of it right here. Act quickly, and you may even be able to sink your fangs into some of the pre-order extras.

Ego Likeness has just issued the 4th volume in their Compass EP series, the long-awaited East. This one clocks in at more of an album's length, but I doubt anyone will complain about that part. The opening track, "-geist," is quite striking, so it is featured it on the way in to this episode's darkwave/ebm/industrial set. The EP is limited to only 300 CDs, but you can still order one of the last remaining copies here, if you hurry.

Also new to the show: A taste of new electro/darkwave from Until the Air Runs Out, the new album from Seattle's Nightmare Fortress; a further cut from Darker Days Tomorrow's new album, False Prophets; more new electro-cabaret from AlterRed's Dollstown album; a remastered and revamped cut from the 2nd installment of Suicide Commando's The Suicide Sessions collection; and more fresh Swedish post-punk from Svarta Hundar, who is featured on The Peter Out Wave compilation. Their track "Mörkt Vatten" has also yielded a video, which can be seen here.

All of that, PLUS: A post-birthday horror-rock nod to Glenn Danzig, a look back at the golden age of the oft-contested subgenre of Gothic Metal, more debuts, more horror soundtracks, more current & classic dark music, and the announcement of my next live DJ/Cult Film combo-appearance at Cult Fiction Underground in Nashville.

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Format: Band Name - Song Title [Album Title, Year]
(each band name is also a website link)

"Out ov the Coffin" w/ Ichabod
Show date: Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Opening Theme:
Elliot Goldenthal - Libera Me [from "Interview with the Vampire" (soundtrack), 1994]

Brotherhood - End of Time  [ …Turn the Gold to Chrome…, 2012]
Philippe D'Aram - Apparition Du Chateau ["Fascination" (soundtrack)1979]
Dead Can Dance - Amnesia (radio edit)  [Anastasis, 2012]
Sol Invictus - The Killing Tide  [The Killing Tide, 1991]
Tearwave - First Time  [Different Shade of Beauty, 2008]
The Prophetess - Darkness Leaves  [Dichotomy, 1996]
Principe Valiente - The Night  [Principe Valiente, 2011]
Terminal Gods - God Child  [Electric Eyes, 2012]
Paul McCollough - Cemetery (exc.) ["Night of the Living Dead" (soundtrack) 1990]
Calabrese - Heart Possession  [Dayglo Necros, 2012]
The Other - Transyvania  [New Blood, 2010]
Samhain - Black Dream  [Initium, 1984]
Svarta Hundar - Mörkt Vatten  ["The Peter Out Wave" (comp.) 2012]
Led Er Est - Scissors  [Dust On Common, 2010]
Diary of Dreams - Chemicals  [One of 18 Angels, 2000]
Valentine Wolfe - Imaginary Landscape  [Five Nocturnes (bonus disc), 2009]
Ego Likeness - -geist  [East, 2012]
AlterRed - And We Disappear  [Dollstown, 2012]
Nightmare Fortress - Visionquest  [Until the Air Runs Out, 2012]
Suicide Commando - The Exit  [The Suicide Sessions 2, 2012]
Hocico - Silent Wrath (I Break)  [Disidencia Inquebrantable , 2003]
Darker Days Tomorrow - Winter  [False Prophets, 2012]
E.V.P. - The Left Hand of Glory  [Postmortem Canticles Of Necromancy, 2008]
Dreadful Shadows - Everlasting Words  [Buried Again, 1996]
Tiamat - Alteration X10  [A Deeper Kind of Slumber, 1997]
Tristania - Beyond the Veil  [Beyond the Veil, 1999]
Daeonia - Angel for a Better Day  [Craven, 1999]
Katatonia - Nerve  [Discouraged Ones, 1998]
Javier Álvarez - (closing theme) ["Cronos" (soundtrack) 1993]
Miserere Luminis - Senectus  [Miserere Luminis, 2009]

[N] = Nashville artist
(exc.) = excerpt

^RQ^ = requested

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